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Clearblue Fertility Monitor support group buddies vol 2!!

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monkeybumsmum Tue 01-Dec-09 10:42:26

Thought I'd get a new thread started as we seem to have run out of space smile

Let's hope this one brings us all lots of luck!

monkeybumsmum Tue 01-Dec-09 10:46:32

Justshaggy The time always goes so slowly during the 2ww - hope your wait is worth it!! Are you going to test early or will you wait do you think?

JustShaggy Tue 01-Dec-09 11:56:34

I'll wait I think...will try to anyway. I have such mixed feelings about pregnancy - we badly want our own family, but had a nightmare during my last pregnancy which ended in a MC. So although we want the pregnancy, we also fear it ... IYSWIM. So many friends pregnant at the moment as well.... finding that quite hard.

cyncan Tue 01-Dec-09 17:50:23

For some reason my last post didn't make it through!! Monkey, thanks for starting this thread!! I am 8dpo, and no symptoms. I still have hope though.

I am back in the US now. Left Ghana right before my peak days started! So, bded as much as possible.

Should we start a new matrix of all of us? With so many posts on the last thread, I lost count of who is still here, and who has graduated!!

baby dust to all!!

NancyDrewRocks Tue 01-Dec-09 18:52:01

Sorry to hijack but I am considering getting a CB fertility monitor. I am using the CB digital Ov tests at the moment but wondering of I should take the plunge - what do you reckon? I checked Amazon and of course the reviews are all by woman who got BFP's so very positive....
Really want to but worried it is just something else for me to stress about!

monkeybumsmum Tue 01-Dec-09 19:31:33

Hi Nancy I haven't had a BFP yet due to other complications, but I have to say that rather than making me stressed, the CBFM has taken the anxiety away re not knowing when ovulation is. It is fab, and after I've POAS in the morning, and it's told me where I'm at I don't have to give it another thought until the next morning, other than to 'plan the attack' so to speak... I would definately recommend it, despite it being so expensive. It's certainly one of my best buys smile
Aside from just knowing when to bd, it can also tell you stuff about your cycle that you never knew, for example, I found out I had a short luteal phase.
Am sure some of the others will be along soon to tell you what they think too! Come back and join us if you do decide to get one smile

Cyncan Perfect timing to have left Ghana - am presuming dp/dh wasn't with you? I hope that despite the lack of symptoms that you get some good news smile

JustShaggy I know just how you feel - willing yourself to get pg, even though the thought is terrifying. At least it would be a step in the right direction... Just remember that you aren't alone finding it difficult that friends are pg, it's completely normal to be feeling that, however horrible it is. Gosh it's tough isn't it sad You take care x

Vikks Tue 01-Dec-09 19:54:08

Oh what a lovely new home!!!! <Vik settles in> All this space….I hope none of us originals see Vol 3! wink
This will be our super lucky thread….<I’m sprinkling baby dust all around>

Shaggy 9DPO & Cyncan 8DPO – Good luck girlies, stay strong.

Monkey - I heard that following a Lap your chances of getting PG are higher for the following 3 cycles! It’s got something to do with your tubes getting cleaned by the dye….so along with some ‘careful’ BDing, you never know. grin

Nancy - Got for it. I’ve not got my BFP yet but I still love the assurance my little machine gives me. And there nothing like seeing ‘peak’ and knowing that everything’s working right.

CD2 for me and I’m starting the injections again tomorrow. I’ve got a scan first thing and then back on the Menopur, here’s hoping for some more big fat follicles!! I’ve also bit the bullet and made and appointment with a counsellor tomorrow……..not really sure what to expect. I thought I’d better try something as I’m not coping very well at the moment and last months failure hit me pretty hard. DH and my family think it’s time for me to get some help, they must think I’m going loopy! hmm sad

Vikks TTC#1, Cycle 4 CBFM (Cycle 33ish overall), Age 32, UCL 32-40, CD2

Amberc Tue 01-Dec-09 20:14:19

Amber TTC #2, Cycle - can't remember!, overall cycle 10, Aged 36 (until Friday), UCL 26 days CD15

Hi all - sorry I have not posted for ages. We had some bad news from our tests and it seems I have a very low fertility score when they tested for AMH. It means my eggs are crap. I had the dye in the fallopian tubes and it was all fine. Vikks I am with you now on the drugs thing. Got an app with the consultant next week and as my score is so low they will have to drug me up to the eyeballs. Also counselling should come as standard with any treatment as it is so stressful. I hope this is the only 'worry' you have in your life at the moment.

Nearly finished at work and redundancy looms as of 21st December. I am looking forward to getting some rest as I think my lack of sleep and general unhealthiness does not help in the slightest.

So I haven't missed any BFPs then??

Vikks Tue 01-Dec-09 20:36:56

Amberc - Sorry to hear about your results, hope the appointment goes well.
So, you’ll be my drugs buddy soon……... hope that does the trick! Get lots of R&R and look after yourself when you’ve finished work, that could help swing it too. grin

You just missed the one BFP on the thread, Shmoo surprised us all last week!

Vikks Tue 01-Dec-09 20:40:26

I put the wrong CD! Where's my head....hmm

Vikks TTC#1, Cycle 4 CBFM (Cycle 33ish overall), Age 32, UCL 32-40, CD3

Amberc Tue 01-Dec-09 21:14:52

Congratulations Shmoo!

NancyDrewRocks Wed 02-Dec-09 04:08:45

Hi girls thanks for the encouragement - think I'm going to bite the bullet and go for it.

vick good luck with the counsellor. I saw one in the past and found it really helpful - if you find someone you gel with then they can be a godsend.

Vikks Wed 02-Dec-09 07:32:26

Thanks Nancy smile

gina84uk Wed 02-Dec-09 10:39:12

hiya i started at the end off your last thread,this is my first cycle with the cbfm
iam on cd27 i had 4 days off highs but no peaks.i went to the doc's on friday to get blood tests for pcos.
iam new to all this so i will try my best with the stats

ttc#2-ttc since jan 09/cycle 1/cd27


JustShaggy Wed 02-Dec-09 11:53:45

Amberc - I so sorry about the test results.

NancyDrewRocks - I am very glad I bought a CBFM and would recommend it. I actually got a BFP on my first use of it in April this year. Ended in a MC though, so starting over now. I especially like the way it takes the guesswork out of everything and I find it unstressful to use.

TTC#1, Cycle 2 CBFM, Age 38, UCL 29, CD 26

I am feeling very low today. Bought tests from Sainsbury's that claim they can be used 4 days before period - which is where I am right now. Despite thinking I would not do this, I did test. BFN negative... clear as day. sad And I know maybe maybe maybe iof I test again later... BUT I don't feel any different to the way I usually do so I'm believing it.

Gutted gutted gutted.

Amberc Wed 02-Dec-09 12:34:37

Oh hun - they do work 4 days before but only for something like 60% of people so all is not lost yet. Check out the stats. Prgnancy tests are only really guaranteed to give a true result on the first day of your missed period. You are however talking to someone who buys the ones that claim to work 6 days before your period grin

NancyDrewRocks Wed 02-Dec-09 14:04:47

justshaggy Don't be too disheartened. The CB 4 day early tests are only 57% accurate if you test four days before and that is only if you are at least 10 DPO at that point - they are of no use if you have a short luteal phase. In fact pretty bl88dy useless full stop!

NicNac456 Wed 02-Dec-09 16:34:58


Can I join?

This is me:

NicNac456 TTC#1, Cycle 2 CBFM (Cycle 9 overall), Age 34, UCL 26-31, CD2

I'd been following the previous thread for advice on CBFM stuff but was hoping my first month with it might just work so didn't post.

But now it seems we're on to cycle 2 and I was hoping I could join and get some much needed support.

<Nic waves at everyone>

We've had the initial round of testing and get the results back tomorrow. Not sure what happens after that.

Vikks Wed 02-Dec-09 20:14:17

NicNac - Helloooo and welcome! Everyone is super nice here and full of helpful advice and encouragement. Good luck with the test results…….if you want to talk about them we are always here. I sure one of the girls (probably me) have had the same tests. grin

Shaggy - So sorry about your test results. Like Amber & Nancy I think you should just try and hold off a few more days before testing again. I know it’s hard when you just feel it’s not your month, and that test feels like the final straw. Stay strong, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. smilex

And me today – I’ve started my injections again today and I’ve had my appointment with the counsellor. She thinks I should concentrate on relaxation techniques and not think too much about future cycles just the one I’m on at the moment. It sounded all very reasonable although I just sat there and cried for an hour, I’m sure she’s seen/heard it all before.
Come on follicles!!!

sweetsherry Wed 02-Dec-09 20:18:07

Hi - I've finally got my CBFM out of the box and looking to join you!


After 3.5 years TTC I spent £140 on the monitor and loads of tests in May 2008 - days later got BFP for DS!

Now I want another! Hoping it won't take another 3.5 years..

Currently on CD10=LOW

NancyDrewRocks Thu 03-Dec-09 06:36:55

Ok ladies you have convinced me! - DH is away on business at mo so I am going to get him to pick me up the monitor for me smile

So a little bit of extra info - how many sticks does the monitor come with? Do you POAS every day? I will need to stock up as they're not available here.

Do you have to wait for first day of cycle to start it?

Vicks how did your appointment with teh counsellor go?


NicNac456 Thu 03-Dec-09 08:54:48

Hi All.

Nancy - My monitor didn't come with any, I bought them separately in boxes of 20. First month it started asking for sticks on day 6. I got my first HIGH on day 7 but didn't get my PEAK till day 16!

The monitor asks for sticks in blocks of 10. If you go into the next set of 10 before you're first peak, like I did, it'll ask for another whole set of 10 even if you get a peak it'll still keep asking.

I'd previously read some good tips on here about after you get your first peak you can keep that stick and use that for all other mornings. It'll save you loads of money.

I was a bit unsure at first but glad I followed the advice.

You do have to wait until the first day to start the monitor but if you forget you have till about day 5 to start it but not after day 5.

Hope that helps.

cyncan Thu 03-Dec-09 18:02:35

Hey ladies, I have joined our matrix closes to testing to lowest. Please fill it out so we can keep track of where we all are.

Vikks you are right, I hope we don't see volume 3.... wink


Cynthia TTC #1, Cycle - 5, Age 30 PK 21,22 UCL 35 days CD 30
Amber TTC #2, Cycle - can't remember!, overall cycle 10, Aged 36 (until Friday), UCL 26 days CD15
Vikks TTC#1, Cycle 4 CBFM (Cycle 33ish overall), Age 32, UCL 32-40, CD3

monkeybumsmum Thu 03-Dec-09 18:33:48

Evening all smile

Hello and welcome to NicNac and sweetsherry smile It's always nice to have new joiners!

Can't be long as need to put ds to bed, but here are my stats...

Have a nice evening!

Cynthia TTC #1, Cycle - 5, Age 30 PK 21,22 UCL 35 days CD 30
Amber TTC #2, Cycle - can't remember!, overall cycle 10, Aged 36 (until Friday), UCL 26 days CD15
Monkeybumsmum TTC#2, Cycle 3 or 4 with CBFM, Age 34, UCL 28-42, CD29 (+ not yet peaked)
Vikks TTC#1, Cycle 4 CBFM (Cycle 33ish overall), Age 32, UCL 32-40, CD3

PS Happy Birthday Amber for tomorrow - have a lovely day x

Vikks Thu 03-Dec-09 19:56:26

Sweetsherry - Hi and welcome to the thread. I hope your CBFM is as lucky as last time. smile

Nancy - Thanks for asking, the counselling went well. A little strange telling a complete stranger loads of personal stuff, but she was really nice and I did make another appointment. I guess it’s gotten to the try anything stage…time will tell.
Re. Test Sticks- My CBFM always asks for 20 per cycle because my UCL is 33-42. It does get a bit expensive but I think its well worth it.

Happy Birthday* Amber! gringringrin

Hello Everyone else!! <Vik waves>

Cynthia TTC#1, Cycle 5, Age 30 PK 21,22 UCL 35 days CD 30
Monkeybumsmum TTC#2, Cycle 3 or 4 with CBFM, Age 34, UCL 28-42, CD29 (+ not yet peaked)
Gina84uk TTC#2, Cycle 1 CBFM, (TTC since Jan 09) CD28
JustShaggy TTC#1, Cycle 2 CBFM, Age 38, UCL 29, CD 27
Amber TTC#2, Cycle ? CBFM, (Cycle 10 overall), Age 37, UCL 26, CD17
Vikks TTC#1, Cycle 4 CBFM (Cycle 33ish overall), Age 32, UCL 32-40, CD5
NicNac456 TTC#1, Cycle 2 CBFM (Cycle 9 overall), Age 34, UCL 26-31, CD3

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