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IVF or IUI - can anyone who has made the choice please help.

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DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Nov-09 14:17:51

I have 'unexplained infertility'.

I know that some people will expect me to go back to the consultant and ask for more tests to determine why I can't have kids but believe me I have been through all that and also 6 months of clomid (one pregnancy- then miscarriage) and I am now at the point where I have to decide what to do next. This is all the clinic are offering. I am having all my blood tests and my DH's sperm test repeated and then we will move on to either I.U.I or I.V.F.

We will have to self-fund this unless my appeal is successful and the prices are in the region of £1000 for IUI and £4000 for IVF.

I don't know what to do as both will be a struggle financially and emotionally. sad

One is obviously more invasive than the other but also has a higher success rate.

I am 40 next year. Is it better for me to go through all the cost and everything involved with IVF (we can probably only do this onece) or choose IUI which we might be able to do twice?

I have read that IUI is good for couples with unexplained infertility and IVF seems like a big step when I know I can get pregnant all be it with the help of clomid.

Can anyone who has had to make this decision please talk to me? I feel like such a failure and I feel like it'll just be ME going through this as it'll be me who has to have all the stuff done to me.

londonlottie Tue 24-Nov-09 14:57:42

Message withdrawn

DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Nov-09 15:16:38

Sorry - wasn't meaning to be rude, it's just I have been told before that if it's unexplained then I should ask for more testing.

Have had my AMH levels tested and they were 10.5 which they said wasn't good but ok for my age. I have just given a blood sample and they are doing them again

FSH they are also doing again last time it was 12.2 but that was ages ago.

Can you tell me what those results mean?

I have just been looking at sites abroad, though to be honest I never had my heart in IVF and am really uncertain about if that's the way I want to go. Infact I always said I wouldn't do IVF sad but now I am faced with a choice it's really hard.

londonlottie Tue 24-Nov-09 15:24:10

Message withdrawn

DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Nov-09 15:31:50

I was monitored in the first month. Thing is that I was already ovulating anyway so they just scanned me the once. Happened to be the month I got pregnant too sad but 5 more rounds and I am still not pregnant so I am not sure if it was the clomid which helped me or the fact I had an HSG just before.

I think I remember you LL from a thread I was in when I was pregnant - are you having twins? Was using a different name then but remember you were very kind (As were others) when I miscarried. smile

I suppose I just have to make a decision and stop faffing around. I am going to a thing at the hospital tomorrow to learn about IUI, not sure if I will get a chance to ask many questions. One minute I think just go for the IUI as that's what I expected to be offered, the next I think maybe we should do IVF because at least that way I know I am having an actual embryo put in me (or maybe 2 or 3) and so maybe the odds are better.

DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Nov-09 15:33:33

Just checked your profile and can see you are the same person smile

You must be so near to having your twins now. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about this. I really just need some encouragement from people who have been in a similar situation.

QOD Tue 24-Nov-09 15:42:34

IUI never worked for me, I didn;t get to insemination, 4 attempts..... but I know other people it worked for!
I am "unexplained" and it annoyed me so much that still, no one knows whats "wrong" with me. "They" were only interested in trying to get me pregnant, not to cure any issues.
Lucky for me I now have a 10yr old dd from straight surrogacy!

Broodymomma Tue 24-Nov-09 17:12:28


I had this dilemma also but my clinic took it out my hands by stopping doing IUI as the success rates were so low. However it does work for a lot of people and as you dont have a known problem with sperm I would probably go down that route first. We had 3 cycles of ivf and have our lovely son now but I think had we had unexplained infertility I would have started with IUI.
Good luck in whatever you decide.

DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Nov-09 17:23:13

Thanks broodymomma. DH's sperm test came back as 'satisfactory' last time so we're hoping it will be the same this time round.

Broodymomma Tue 24-Nov-09 17:27:27

That is great news - try and get them to do 3 samples 3 months apart, it will give you the most accurate picture of just how good the sperm is. Wish you lots of luck.

DuelingFanjo Mon 07-Dec-09 16:44:14

Right - me again.

I have basically decided to try IUI as we just can't afford IVF.

Trouble is my FHS test has now gone from 12.5 in Feb to 16!! They say they will wait for my new AMH test to come back but that with an FHS that high they would usually recommend IVF! We just can't afford it.

Am I being mad to consider IUI when my FHS levels are so high sad ?

DuelingFanjo Mon 07-Dec-09 16:46:13

I mean FSH obviously! doh!

ChoChoSan Mon 07-Dec-09 17:04:17

Hi There, DF,

Sorry to hear of your loss. I have been in the position of making a decision, but with the luxury of being on the NHS, and therefore entitled to 'use up' all of my IUI entitlements before IVF, so decided to try IUI first. As soon as my consultant saw I had turned 38, she recommended moving on to IVF - I think IUI is not really recommended for those 'older' among us!

If cost is an issue, have you considered having 'natural IVF'?

This is offered by the Create Dr Gita Nargund for more info. Basically they do it without all the expensive drugs etc, so it really cuts down costs. Apparantly it can cost less than half as much as medicated cycles. I think it is worth looking into...would like to hear back from you if you decided to go for it

Beckwm Tue 12-Jan-10 21:00:08

I would try IVF, given your age. :-)

gillianelizabeth Mon 29-Mar-10 14:20:59

Hello - This is the first ever contribution to mumsnet! I am now 29 weeks by IUI. We too had unexplained infertility and had been trying for 2 years before I found my clinic (whom i LOVE!!). I had IUI assisted with some hardcore drugs which are used during IVF anyways (to make me produce as many follicles as possible) so in terms of treatment the early stages are the same. Also i would be forthright with asking for these drugs as its a common misconception that IUI has low success rates because some clinics offer it unassisted.

IVF is absolutely more physically invasive than IUI in the implantation and egg collection stage but i would check whether the success rates they are offering for IUI are based on you being assisted with drugs or just the insemination. I was always told that with unexplained infertility its always best to try IUI first.

If money is against you the stress you will put on yourself with a 'one chance saloon' of IVF could be hugely counter productive. Have you looked at some clinics that offer egg sharing in return for cheaper or free IVF? Maybe that doesn't float your boat.

Good luck with it.

yellowflowers Mon 29-Mar-10 14:45:02

I was offered both but am going to try iui with clomid next month. Clinic said try3 rounds then move to ivf. Sperm okay, all tests on me okay too except mild pcos. I'm early 30s and so is dh. I'm also overweight.

hardigirl Tue 06-Apr-10 23:53:28

im new to mumsnet and i was told about this by my sister-in-law/friend because we too are a couple who cannot conceive. we are in the 'unexplained' infertiliy group. i will say this firstly, that you were pregnant and miscarriage and nothing tears your heart out more than that, so i am completely heartbroken for you. now, time to move to the next step, i agree with londonlottie that you are not a failure, i had this conversation with a friend recently and he, yes he, said the exact same thing to me. though i never, until that point, admitted to feeling like a failure nonetheless this can sometimes be the root of our despair rather than the other worries and sorrow that we feel. now, to answer your question, you have two things working in your favour, the will to persevere and you are being honest with yourself. there is no person on this planet that has a right to tell you to go and 'do more tests, eat this, drink that' like, we are not idiots and we are not causing our infertility so stop with the advice and lets move on. i would ask you this in as gentle a manner as possible, why are you asking lots of people about your decision? and not yourself? no two couples are alike in their dilemma and what one person advises may not be what is suitable for you. i feel that if someone decides for you and it doesnt work then anger sets in and you will blame yourself again. i was constantly looking for reasons not to admit that i felt i was a failure, so your consultant has given you the options. age and weight are factors but so is your fear of going ahead with a decision and being hurt again if this fails, a risk that is very real. so stop being hard on yourself and whatever decision you make will be the right have to believe that rather than not believe that. you have to believe in yourself. good luck fellow iui person!

vixmum Thu 15-Apr-10 14:59:08

my sister had unexplained infertility. She emigrated to Australia. There she had four sessions of acupuncture (she is 37) and bingo. Pregnant, baby girl, perfect. Not heard of it over here UK>

weetabixwhiner Tue 15-Jun-10 09:28:37

IVF at your age has a higher rate of success, get on with it!

mycarscallednev Thu 15-Jul-10 10:37:10

Hi, was flicking through the topics and looked on here as 'this was once me', if that doesn't sound too strange!
Just wanted to say that after 10 years of unexplained infertility I went on to have a little girl [now 11], and five years after a wonderful son. I believed for years that this would never happen and spent just as long crying and wishing that I could fall pregnant easily just like my friends had. I know the pain that everyone here feels. I lost five babies along the way, but my God I love the ones that I have and they were worth the wait.
Don't give up, and the very best of luck to you. xx

mycarscallednev Thu 15-Jul-10 10:39:40

....sorry, also just to add, we used IUI.xx

RunLyraRun Thu 15-Jul-10 11:14:15

This is an old thread, but as it popped up again I took a look. If you click on DuelingFanjo's name, her profile says she is pregnant via IVF, due in December

mycarscallednev Thu 15-Jul-10 11:22:11

excellent news!

DuelingFanjo Mon 19-Jul-10 09:40:07

oh - thanks guys grin I just clicked on 'threads I started' and this came up.

Thank you for all the extra input. I did have IVF and I was very lucky to get pregnant first time. Am now 19 weeks and very happy. I found the IVF quite easy which I know is unusual as it's an invasive procedure but it all went so well I would do it again if I got the chance.

I also had acupuncture for the first time and so it's very possible it all helped together with cutting out drinking and getting my diet started. I had a lot of really good advice from mumsnet and support through the whole process so juat wanted to say thank you all very much.

helenlouisey Mon 19-Jul-10 13:56:32

Congratulations DuelingFanjo, that is fantatic news. We have our first consultation next Monday to discuss having IVF and it gives me a lot of hope reading stories like yours

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