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hello, friend of cods wants top tips on conceiveing

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aloadoffishyballs Tue 21-Jun-05 09:17:46

I said legs up!!
she is ovulating - what is the advice re. sex so many days before periods?
I cant remember

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:20:26

in a normal 28 day cycle good days are 12-16 from what I remember (not that I tried)

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:20:47

thats 12-16 days before next period is due

aloadoffishyballs Tue 21-Jun-05 09:21:13

amazing isnt it how ling you spend NOT getting pregnant then you cant work out how to do it
sorry asm sure thos is an oft repeated cliche ont his topic

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:25:28

is she doing the usual folic acid and whatever else they recommend now?

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:25:58


fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:27:18

ta IG

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:28:01

also i think dh/p is not supposed to wear "too tight" pants as it inhibits sperm motility. Not to mention it would be a crime to shag someone who wore too tight pants anyway - only slightly better than a thong!

Friendlygirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:30:30

I did day 7 (after beginnning of last period - count spotting as beginning) day 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17). OK lots of sex. Did it last thing at night and lay there for ages afterwards tryng not to let any spermies out. I even rasied my bum up on a pillow. Lot of folic acid, no alcohol or coffee. Worked a treat.

CarolinaMoon Tue 21-Jun-05 09:33:14

she cd try doing all that know-your-fertility stuff like taking her temperature every morning etc. Otherwise she won't know when she's ovulating so the only thing to do then is shag every other day (keeps the bloke's sperm in tip-top condition!).

this book is good, if a bit scary

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:35:05

but doesnt shagging too much hinder sperm production on the basis that when going for a vasectomy post-op test you have to abstain for several days prior to collection to ensure maximum sperm

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:45:54

CM I htink I had an ealier incarnation of htat book
doesnt it go on and on about diet?

CarolinaMoon Tue 21-Jun-05 09:46:22

the every-other-day shagging shd be good enough for most purposes, according to the book I linked (was good enough for us!). It's a compromise between sperm-quality and making sure you don't miss your own fertility window (assuming you don't know you when you're actually ovulating, which you need temperature-taking/cervical mucus observations to identify).

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:46:56

she has that predicotr kit she asys
Iused that for ds2 I htnk
no idea why

acnebride Tue 21-Jun-05 09:47:39

This is random, but I did read it somewhere reasonably sane. Can't remember where though, and it was some years ago, so it's probably been comprehensively disproved all over MN. Apologies to anybody who is struggling with this, not meant to be flippant.

Apparently if you eat grapefruit every day for some time and then just stop, your hormones are then favourable for conception.

Apologies again if this is well known to be a hoax...

CarolinaMoon Tue 21-Jun-05 09:47:56

yes, cod, it does - you're lucky if you can eat anything or even leave the house if you stick to it religiously. But I thought it was a good general guide.

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:48:21

I love that
she suffers form cyctitus and so tends to avoid fruit juices s o that will make her chortle

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:49:00

lol Cm

yes she was gillian mckeith before her time really millet and quinoa

CapnBirdsEye Tue 21-Jun-05 09:51:49

"top tips on conceiveing"

good advice here but tell her to try sex with her partner - that's always a good one [wink

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:52:11


dinosaur Tue 21-Jun-05 09:52:26

Codsfriend there is a really good book which is on amazon - here

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 09:53:14

ta dino
youll laugh as she is only on month one but wnta a baby NOW!!!!

her sil couldnt concieve so I think she is a bit apprehensive

dinosaur Tue 21-Jun-05 09:53:28

And Cod is right - it's not very dignified but I swear by lying down for 10 mins with your legs up after you've "done it" <she says delicately>

dinosaur Tue 21-Jun-05 09:54:11

Hey, that's cool with me, I was exactly the same with all three pregnancies, very impatient!

Would she like to borrow a non-sleeping 10 months old to practise her parenting skills on, lol?

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 09:54:14

my twin sis and my older sis have had no joy after years of trying and I only have to look at one !!

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