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One-tubers TTC again....

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boodleboot Sat 14-Nov-09 09:38:53

right then,

DH has decided that after two regular cycles post EP we can try again....was very excited about that prospect until it hit me like a thunderbolt....i only have ONE TUBE NOW....of course i knew this but now i really KNOW this IYSWIM and now feel a peculiar mix of sadenvy angry hmm shock and of course grin and smile at the whole situation we find ourselves in....

I want to be positive that it will happen and won't require assisted conception but am really nervous and scared it is going to take forever....or not happen at all....{trying not to think like that....}

calling all one-tubers for a bit of handholding and good old MN support......lets go through it together....

hoops997 Sat 14-Nov-09 10:48:59

boodle just dropping in to say, I'm glad you decided to start again and wish you all the luck in the world, I have heard some amazing stories of people conceiving with only one tube.....

Good Luck smile

boodleboot Sat 14-Nov-09 20:51:17

ahh thanks hoops....hope you are doing ok?

don't know where all the one-tubers are? i can't be the only one surely???


hoops997 Sat 14-Nov-09 21:17:16

boodle am doing 20 weeks shock and I'm sure there are loads of one-tubers out there grin

tambourine Sat 14-Nov-09 22:02:12

hi- can i join you? don't know exackly what you mean by 'trying again' after EP (as in, for first time after, or for another one after) but figure that i can only be good news as am now..just about... trying again after dd who was product of a single but obviously most excellent tube.Have been bf for 16 months now, and dithering and suchlike for quite a few months now about whether to stop because there was no goddamn cotton picking sign of my dearly beloved af,and yet (being of the tubily challenged persuasion) i kept thinking that i should force her to wean so as to try again as soon as cut a long and frankly bf/af/wtf? story short, finally made reaquaintence with the auld bitch last week, and so am finally considering myself ready and eligible to start again...
so anyway, pleased to meet you, how are you doing

Appleton Sat 14-Nov-09 23:24:35

Well, I can join the thread as a fellow one-tuber, but will have to wait a little while before TTC again - I had my surgery 3 weeks ago. Planning to start trying straight after the 2 complete cycles, though. I'm hoping there will be lots of success stories by the time I'm ready to start trying!

I'm finding it scary to think of getting pregnant again - partly cos I don't want anything to happen to my one remaining tube, and also because of all the possible heartache involved. But at the same time, I can't wait to start trying! It's a strange mix of emotions!

Boodle - wishing you all the best. The odds are good that you (and all of us one-tubers) will be able to conceive without too much waiting. Do you have any children? I have one DD who is 18 months today - and suddenly I'm worrying that the age gap is going to be bigger than we wanted. It's crazy, we weren't even supposed to be trying for DC2 until Feb, but after my surgery I really feel we have to get a move on, just in case!

boodleboot Sun 15-Nov-09 11:57:37

yay....tambourine and appleton so glad to have some company...looking forward to moaning, erm i mean, chatting with you hee hee....wink

some history of my one-tubedness is that i had an EP on sept 11th this yr that resulted in an emergency salpingectomy that removed my 7wk bean and left tube....totally heartbreaking. We were so elated when we saw bean on screen with strong heartbeat pulsing away only to be told i was going straight into surgery and could i sign consent etc...

This came after after a MMC at 12wk scan.....all in all a very stressful rollercoaster year of being delighted to be pregnant and gutted to see nowt good at fact one of my biggest terrors now is the fact that i start sweating at the thought of ever having to go into a scan room EVER AGAIN...

i am 31 and have two beautiful children from my previous marriage...a DD 10 and DS 5. I also have a SDS who is 12 with my DH now. We only got married in Feb so our first year of marriage has been pretty traumatic but has really brought us into a tight little unit...he is quite simply my soulmate. Corny and cheesy but oh so true. Anyhoo desperate to have a child {or two} together and have spent the last couple of months swinging between, never again, can't even go there, we don't need another child, our lives are very full etc to OMG i have to have a baby NOOOOOOWWWWWWW. hormones i guess hmm

TTC - I am a straight down the line 28 day cycle, bang on every time...i have been monitoring my fertility signs {using toni weschlers book - BRILLIANT go get it and read it if you haven't already.....amazingly informative...}and have worked out that i ovulate on day 11-12 and have a sixteen day luteal this will all stack up against TTC with only one tube i have no idea....i really really really hope that i fall quickly but don't we all wink

DH has recovered from my near death {i ruptured on way to was horrible for him and terrifying} and i am on day 5 of my cycle. I will aim to BD days 9 and 11 of this cycle if my EWCM has begun...

there we are....intimately aquainted already grin

tell me all about you and put your stats up.....most definitely welcome if you are WTTC too apple....

Boodleboot: TTC#3 UCL28 CD5

Appleton Tue 17-Nov-09 13:24:13

Hello again Boodle. I'm really sorry you've had such a crappy year. Life does like to kick us when we're down sometimes, doesn't it! sad

We have lots in common other than our one-tubedness - I'm also 31. And it was my left tube that was removed, too!

I had found out I was pregnant 2 weeks before, and had very small amounts of bleeding. I wasn't too concerned, though, as I had the same when I was pregnant with DD. But, I got an early scan just in case and like you I saw the healthy heart beat, thought everything must be fine until the sonographer said quietly "it's ectopic".

This was on 23rd October, and I had to stay in hospital to have surgery that afternoon. DH was working at a new job, so couldn't come to the hospital until after 6pm - by which time I'd had the op. Luckily, I had no threat of rupture - that must have been scary for you both! In fact, I had no pain at all before surgery. The nurses kept asking, and didn't believe I was in no pain.

I have also had a MMC, many years ago (before meeting DH) and found that really devastating. I'm not saying this wasn't, but I think because there was serious surgery to recover from, and the risk of death if I hadn't gone for the scan my emotions are different this time.

I do find myself thinking how cruel it is that for the sake of a few mm everything would have been different - but trying to look to the future instead of dwelling on the past.

I don't really know about any of the TTC stuff, as I got pregnant with DD at the first attempt. I'll give it a few months of trying before I start worrying too much.

Wishing you luck this cycle - I have my fingers crossed for you!

boodleboot Wed 18-Nov-09 10:15:23

I know exactly what you mean about the 'extra few mm' appleton- i too have tortured myself with that one! When i was being told that bubs was in wrong place i was totally disbelieving....the doctor who was telling me seriously looked about twelve and i had no confidence in her whatsoever. Infact i made them go and get the obstetric consultant before i would sign anything. It was so difficult waiting to hear as i couldn't help but hope against hope that this tweenie doctor was wrong and my baby was going to have a chance to grow...alas no. sad

I really recommend reading the toni weschler book to help you understand about your fertility and when your days are etc.....its very empowering to know what all your bodys twinges are etc.

If you are TTC it can get very addictive to symptom watch let me tell you.....the four months in between my MMC and falling pregnant again were a blur of POAS and checking for EWCM.....luckily i am also on another TTC thread and they were (and still are) soooo supportive. I find it really helps to have a place to talk to people about the highs and lows of TTC. DH is much calmer and just thinks that when GOd decides its right then we will have a baby.....i agree, but wish God would hurry up a bit!

So sorry you had the op on your own, very brave....i'm not sure i would of been able to bear it. When are you thinking of trying again?

dottyaboutstripes Thu 19-Nov-09 13:53:47

Hi there - I am not ttc right now but thought I'd share....I had a ruptured ectopic back in 2003. I already had 3 children and it was all a HUGE shock and of course very, very scary.

Well - I have since gone on to have 3 more babies and also one miscarriage, so have conceived 4 times with my poor solitary tube! I was actively ttc with 2 of them - one took 7 cycles and the other 3 cycles. The other 2 pregnancies were surprises!

Good luck, hoping it happens quickly and stress-free as much as poss. Don't forget to ask for an early scan when you get your BFP to make sure everything's in the right place

boodleboot Thu 19-Nov-09 14:30:41

thanks dotty - really good to hear success stories cos at the mo it seems like it is pie in the sky. Can i just add that I am in awe of the amount of children that you have with or without both tubes....grin

Appleton Thu 19-Nov-09 22:09:27

See dotty, that's why I love this place! That's a tale of encouragement if ever I heard one! And I'm also in awe of all those children. I find one enough work most days!

boodle I will definitely check that book out - it'll give me something constructive to do while I'm still waiting! My 2 cycles should be done by Christmas, but we're away on holiday for 3 weeks in Feb, so I'm going to have to be careful with timing as I don't want to be approaching 6 weeks when we go away - can't risk that! How's your week so far? Is it all going to plan?

ABetaDad Thu 19-Nov-09 22:42:04

boodleboot - both our DSs were conceived after DW had ovarian cancer and had had one tube/ovary removed.

When DW had recovered her health we did one round of IVF which did not work and had just started second round of IVF then found out DS1 had been conceived. DS2 totally naturally conceived and just 2 years later.

We were told the remaining ovary just compensates and it certainly did.

Best wishes and best of luck.

Pingpong Thu 19-Nov-09 22:52:48

Just wanted to wish you one tubers good luck. As long as the one tube is healthy that's all you need (well ovary, womb, sperm, you know the rest! wink )
I had an EP and my right tube removed in Feb 07. I had DD in March 08 and number 2 is due in Feb 10.
I know lots of one tubers (but not on MN) who have gone on to have successful pregnancies.
Have you ever been to the ectopic pregnancy trust site ? Lots of positive stories there and a polls section too.

girlwithacurl Fri 20-Nov-09 11:50:25

Hello guys, can I join? on 2ww on my 5th cycle after EP and tube removal... driving myself crazy symptom spotting. Great to hear some positive stories!

boodleboot Fri 20-Nov-09 13:58:00

ooh yes please GWC.....brilliant.....that is wonderful. Please fill me in on how you are finding it....grin

2WW eh......are they the same post-EP? do you have a sense of what side you ov'd on etc and therefore feel more positive one month as opposed to the next month?

HOw are you playing it? leaving it to chance or keeping track of symptoms and charting etc? i don't do temperatures as can't bear graphs but i am a mad EWCM and cervix checker....

i am on day 10 today and bd on day 8 and will bd tonight. Going on past months i believe i ov on day 11 or twelve....

Appleton Fri 20-Nov-09 15:22:26

Yay! The one-tubers are gathering pacegrin

Hoping this month is your month GWC

It sounds like I'm going to have to do lots of research on this TTC thing - have very much left it to chance in the past.

boodleboot Sat 21-Nov-09 19:29:20

get the books has been fascinating reading...

i had a sharp stabbing pain on thursday morning which i now think may have been the start of ov...this felt like it came on the right side which is the side i have tube but might just be wishful thinking...wink

i now feel pretty crampy which i usually get after ovulation and my EWCM today isn't particularly stringy....

now for the 2ww i guess... or two and a half week in my case given i have a slightly longer luteal phase.....

thanks for those positive stories smac and betadad.....heres hoping i/we have similar luck...

how are things today gwc any symptoms to share??

gothicmama Sat 21-Nov-09 21:06:03

if it helps I concieved all three of mine with one tube

MrsHappy Sat 21-Nov-09 21:14:50

Hi - I just wanted to drop in and give you a bit more encouragement. I had my new DD 4 weeks ago. She was conceived after a year in which I had 2 ectopics in the right tube (tube removed the second time - on 11 September 2008 iirc, Boodleboot). The egg that became my new DD came from the ovary on my tubeless side and she was conceived only 4 cycles after my salpingectomy.
I hated scans too (that wretched dildocam), until I had one at 4+4 where the consultant looked at the screen and said "it's good news" grin. Best moment I'd had in a long time!

Lots of luck. smile

girlwithacurl Sun 22-Nov-09 11:10:21

I temp and check EWCM, cant do the cervix, they always feel the same, so clearly I am doing something wrong! have also read TCOYF, and found it really helpful and reassuring.

My only symptoms are sore breasts. Temp is high, but coming down a bit, which is stressing me, i really thought this month would be the one... 2 days until AF due.

Sounds like you have ov'd boodle which is great news! I can't tell which side, can you?

Hi appleton, thank you, I am a bit of an old hand now as we have been trying for nearly 2 years, so if you have any questions just ask!

boodleboot Sun 22-Nov-09 14:33:18

GWC i really think that it was the right side this month that i ov'd from as it was on the right side i had a stabbing pain which according to TCOYF is the egg breaking through the ovary....who knows without seeing it happen but i seems to make sense....i will have one final BD tonight just incase but i must tell you i feel remarkably calm so far.....which is exactly how i felt last time i got pregnant....i will approach each months 2WW with

how does the temping work for you? can you run me thru it please? would it be worth me checking it starting now now for this cycles two week wait? i have a digital thermometer - will this be good enough? What am i looking for?

you are so going to regret telling us we can ask you anything....grin

mrshappy that is an amazingly uplifting story - sept 11 is clearly a jinxed date in this world....

apple how are you?

tambourine - are you still there??

boodleboot Sun 22-Nov-09 14:35:05

should have said 'i will approach each 2ww with dignity and cool calm collectiveness... wink

Appleton Sun 22-Nov-09 20:39:36

I'm feeling really upbeat with all the positive stories here!

boodle I'm doing OK - still waiting for some of my lovely dissolvable stitches to actually dissolve (it's only been 4 weeks hmm) The scar on my left is the most annoying - there's a little bit of stitch that keeps poking into my clothes!

I reckon I ovulated this week too. We're making sure we're being very good and using condoms. It seems totally counter-intuitive when I want to be pregnant, but I know it's for the best (patience never was one of my strong points!)

I hope the cool calm collectiveness last for the whole 2ww - are you good at resisting testing? I have one in the bathroom cupboard, and I'm sure it'll be used way before it should be! Though I should save money next time - before I knew it was an EP I got a 2 pack of the Clearblue digitals to "reassure" myself that all was well. I used both and went from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 weeks in exactly the right timeframe, felt suitably re-assured and look where that got me! Definitely not buying those again!

boodleboot Mon 23-Nov-09 15:07:34

right.....babymaking sex over for the on to the 2ww....have a feeling that this month will be the lucky one....don't ask me why, i just thought last night after we finished {sorry TMI alert...grin} that we have just made a baby....

last time i felt like that after sex we had indeed conceived....

will try not to test until day of period but am perfectly aware that this WILL NOT HAPPEN.....i am so rubbish at holding off.

I am so with you apple on the clearblue. Mine that i did went up in the soothing way that they do which made the horror of the ectopic worse i am sure....i am going to leave them alone. They are not that good anyway for early preg tests....superdrugs own can detect from 10ml/u as opposed to clearbule at 25ml/u. i have bought a shedload of cheapie pee sticks from amazon....and they are all i am buying...

my stitches went like that too and i ended up pulling them out....didn't hurt a bit.

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