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Confused and maybe going slightly mad....

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angelsfield Sun 19-Jun-05 21:18:37


New to all this so sorry if i get things wrong!

I'm ttc after having my coil taken out 7 weeks ago. Had a op for endo in Jan and only have one tube cos of cyst.

For the last 2 weeks I've been shattered, going to the loo loads, really hot in bed (in a temp way!), my breasts hurt at the sides plus have been feeling really sick and slightly dizzy.

AF was due 10 days ago, did a test on fri (very faint line only visable by holding the test in a certian light), did another one on sat (less faint line) so got very excited... then today got really bad cramps and have started bleeding.

Now feel as if maybe i was going slightly mad all along? Am I???

tiffini Sun 19-Jun-05 21:30:46


StarryEyed Mon 20-Jun-05 11:29:45

You may have had an early m/c. Are you still bleeding or has it stopped? If it has stopped you may want to test a few days later. Good luck.

angelsfield Mon 20-Jun-05 12:11:39

Thank you StarryEyed.

Still bleeding, bad cramps. Just done test and its negative so I guess its game over till next month

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 12:16:22

Its very likely what you saw was an evaporation line. I have had those before after you have left them a while a line does appear, very faint.

Better luck next month get a digital test next time i think they are alot more accurate and you dont get any faint lines what ever

angelsfield Mon 20-Jun-05 12:21:11

I guess you're probably right, maddyd. Just feel really down today, guess it was daft to get my hopes up.

Just paranoid cos of all the gynae probs I've had too.

How are things going for you?

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 12:27:40

Up and down just like you. After my mc it took 55 days my af to come and i had a few tests which i thought were posotive but unfrtunatley not.

Anyway im meant to be ovulating now but my temp hasnt risen and my cm isnt eggy tmi

But on the good side i have 3 gorgeous children, the sun is shining and i have a day off work.

Its prob good for you to get a af out of the way after the coil i would have thought.

angelsfield Mon 20-Jun-05 12:41:34

Sorry to hear about your mc. i had one a couple of years ago, my coil had shifted but i didn't realise till it was too late iyswim.

Had one af already since coil was taken out. Just felt so different this month, was walking round town and just 'felt' pregnant. Sounds bizzare i know.

But you're right, its a gorgeous day and i'm off work today...

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 12:45:51

Doesnt sound bizarre at all. You may have had a missed mc or you could have been so sure you were pregnant that you noticed every little sign and took it for pregnancy. Ive done it numerous times. This month im trying desperatly not o think about it untill i have a late af if i do. But no doubt in about 10 days ill be posting saying my boob twinged is this a sign

angelsfield Mon 20-Jun-05 13:01:41

Just spoken to gp (i'm lucky cos she's great) and she's booked me in for a scan this avo. Cos I've only got one tube, etc she just wants to check its nothing untoward like an ectopic and make sure evrything's ok.

Its really hard not to think about it, isn't it? I was fine not thinking about it until the week before my period was due!

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 13:05:33

Oh thats fab, at least then you know for sure. Thats excellent service from your Gp. Good Luck, ill look out for you when you return. Take care xxxxx

angelsfield Mon 20-Jun-05 13:07:26

Thanks. Just phoned dp and he said ok, good luck... Then i went quiet and he said, 'can't really come with you because of work, you'll be ok won't you?' So helpful!

I know I'm lucky with my gp - I've been reading the site and some are so bad!

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 13:11:00

Mine are really good too. Hes already told me that he will send me for early scan as soon as i hit the 6 week mark. Just to see a heartbeat will be great. Need to actually get pg again first though although i dont have too many probs getting pg.

Have you got a friend you can take with you??

angelsfield Mon 20-Jun-05 13:17:07

Thats really good he will send you for a scan as soon as you hit 6 wks. have they told you anything about how to try and prevent a mc?

My friends are all at work too so i guess its just me, never mind. Least I know the hospital cos i spent so much time there cos of the endo

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 13:24:25

No apart from taking it easy and to lay off the gym a bit which i would anyway. The mc shocked me, before i took pregnancy for granted. never again. My Doc knows how much my next baby means to me. It will be our last and my body clock is running out. So i need and want to be pg soon.

I have to take kids to play group now but ill catch up with you later. Good Luck xxxx

maddyd Mon 20-Jun-05 19:34:52

Angelsfield?????? How did it go????

angelsfield Wed 22-Jun-05 20:51:30

Sorry for delay in replying...

Ok, so unit were great but feeling pretty bad so haven't been online. Pregnancy test was negative, blood reults showed levels below 5 so negative. said didn't reckon it could have been mc as levels wouldn't have gone down so fast. Feel bad though cos was so sure. Now just feel like I was going mad after all. Suppose its good news that I didn't mc but why doesn't it feel like it?

Sorry slightly drunk, got my degree results today and dp has gone to play cricket. Under any other circumstances I would be over the moon getting a decent result after 5 years hard work but at the weekend i thought we'd sold our flat, bought the house of our dreams and was pregnant - now our flat sale has fell through and I'm not pregnant... Feel slightly delflated to say the least.

just so scared i won't be able to get pregnant after all my gynae probs...

angelsfield Wed 22-Jun-05 20:53:37

Sorry for all that! Just started typing... prob shouldn't do that while drunk...

BlueberryPie Wed 22-Jun-05 22:54:53

Oh Angelfield, I really feel for you, and I completely understand why you're upset. Being told that you were never pregnant to begin with isn't that different from an early mc, in a way - not when you were so convinced that you were. I can relate because I really "feel" pregnant too right now but it's too early to test, and I'm scared to because I'm worried it might all be in my head. It's hard this getting pregnant business, isn't it?

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you - and well done on getting your degree results. Look after yourself sweetie.


Pie xxxx

Nemo1977 Wed 22-Jun-05 23:08:11

it may have been early mc or could the lines be evaporation lines? I have had this happen and convinced myself i was pg but it was just evap line. hugs to u either way hun i know how hard the ttc wagon is

Nemo1977 Wed 22-Jun-05 23:13:10

sorry just saw about results..hugs to hun

pinklilith Mon 27-Jun-05 17:19:31

Angelsfield, really sorry if this seems insensitive, I understand in a way I had a mc about a week before christmas. But you see I kind of need some help and you might be able to help make feel a little less worried. I am on cd40, my average is about 29 days, 34 being the longest until now, when you say you were 10 days late, how many days were you? Thank you and sorry if that seemed rude, I am trying not to get my hopes up, but its a lot harder than I had expected.

angelsfield Sat 02-Jul-05 21:41:50

Thank you for all your supporting messages. I'm sorry since its a while i've since i've been on. Just kinda wanted to forget the whole thing for a while.

Pink, i normally have a 28 day cycle. It went haywire when i had endo but since my op it had been 28 days everytime. By the time my period came I was on day 40. I really hope all is ok with you and yyou got a good result.

Take care x

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