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No ttc post HSG??

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yellowflowers Wed 11-Nov-09 14:36:30


Had my HSG today (painful but bearable and over quickly).

The radiologist said I shouldn't ttc this month in case egg was early and got dose of xray in which case there could be complications if I got pregnant. But I've read lots online about people conceiving the month of hsg (and some suggestions hsg makes you more fertile in the couple of months following from it) and am keen not to miss a month. Today was day 7 so very unlikely I will ovulate for another week or so (months I've tempd I ovulate about day 16 though cycle has recently been a bit shorter since losing some weight).

So here's my question. Given it is unlikely but possible that I ovulated v early this month and therefore egg got dosed with xray - would it be irresponsible to ttc as normal?

Thanks for your thoughts and advice.

MyMyFruityPie Thu 12-Nov-09 02:04:05

Hey Yellowflowers,


I have heard the same thing as you but DH and I BD'd the evening on the day I had my HSG. I am away at the moment but I will re-read my letter that I had which I think said that you could have intercourse straight away. I need to double check though as, like you, I have read a lot about it online and could be mixed up. Having said all of that, I am expecting AF tomorrow unfortunately. Do you check your CM? I guess you can be kind of sure that you have ovulated post HSG if you have the right stretchy stuff?

cityangel Thu 12-Nov-09 09:03:25

Personally I would ttc. We took ages to get pregnant and conceived the cycle of our HSG. I always attributed success to the test clearing a path for the sperm grin

yellowflowers Thu 12-Nov-09 11:34:13

Thank you both - we're going to try this month but not have sex until Sunday which will be four days after the HSG and day 11 of my cycle. Finger's crossed...

Caitni Thu 12-Nov-09 12:13:04

I also had a HSG although didn't fall pregnant that month. Did try though, as my SIL conceived the month she had her HSG after trying for 2 years. My niece is absolutely fine!

An HSG on day 7 sounds quite early (even for someone like me who normally ovulates around day 11) so I think your plan sounds good.

Hope it works and this is the month you get your BFP!

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