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symptoms of pregnany five days after conception?

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juliet2 Mon 09-Nov-09 12:48:30

hi is it possible to have symptoms of pregnancy only six days after conception? i ovulated on the third of november and six days after i have like a tugging sensation in my belly could this be pregnancy if not what else could it be? also i have had two miscarridges in the last nine months and with both of them i had really sore breasts after only a week but never had this tugging sensation so early on before got this when i was about 5 week. sorry for the long post . thanks xxx

anniemac Mon 09-Nov-09 13:30:10

Message withdrawn

anniemac Mon 09-Nov-09 13:41:01

Message withdrawn

juliet2 Mon 09-Nov-09 13:42:37

thanks do you know what else is could be then? it feels like it did when i was five weeks pregnant?

darydork Mon 09-Nov-09 18:10:54

hi juliet2, POSSIBLY implantation cramps, i read somewhere that the most common time is 6-10 dpo but it can happen as early as 5days or as late as 12 so ud never know, the experts say you dont feel any real symptoms until 2/3 days after implantation, not shur i fully believe that tho going by some of the stories i read, guess all you can do is wait it out another week and take a test then, i know the 2ww is absolute torture, im 11 dpo and got a VERY faint positive on both a frer and a clearblue this morn, im pretty shur i implanted on day 5/6 as i had nagging cramps very low down in my abdomen on those days, afraid to get hopes up just yet tho so going to test again tomorrow.. Good luck and i hope you get ur bfp this month..

darydork Mon 09-Nov-09 18:13:00

by the way sorry about your mc's must have been very tough..

juliet2 Tue 10-Nov-09 20:11:43

hiya thanks for your reply and the tugging feeling has now stopped and i now have quite sore breasts, ino the 2ww really is toture, will just have to wait and see now. thank you

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