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First time I've paid attention to cycle and it's not what I expected!

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kawaiiko Sat 07-Nov-09 17:37:03

I'm feeling so naive and foolish! Please reassure me...

I'm very bad with dates/numbers/keeping an eye on my cycle... I vaguely register things like ewcm, ovulation cramps (tho' I didn't know that's what they were!!) and how af is sometimes at new moon and sometimes at full moon shock but never how long the whole thing lasted or what day I ovulated on. I've always just assumed that my cycle was 28 days because that's "normal" hmm

Been tested a couple of times for suspected PCOS and both times the tests said it was likely that I hadn't ovulated, however ultrasound showed no cysts. I didn't understand that it might simply have been too early!

Now it's day 20 of my cycle (cd20??) and... nothing yet. No ewcm, no cramps...nowt. Does this sound like I just have a long cycle? Or does it mean that I might not have ovulated at all? Bit worried here...

Kadiya Sat 07-Nov-09 20:32:07

If you know it's day 20 of your cycle, then keep counting smile
Then, once you start your period, start counting again.
I know it seems like silly advice, but when hubby and I were trying to concieve, I suddenly realised I had no concept of my periods at all, it came along when it came along, and who cared?
It wasn't until we started actively trying and cycle length was mentioned that I realised I had to start paying attention smile
Not everybody has a 28 day cycle. My best friend has a 32 day cycle, where as mine is 26 days.
Don't worry hun, you'll figure it out grin

kawaiiko Mon 09-Nov-09 18:38:32

Thank you I've never really cared before so took no notice. Now I'm thinking ruefully of all the data I could have.

I'd kind of like to have a long cycle, actually, because that would mean we could start trying next 'month', whereas if it's shorter we'll have to wait till the beginning of 2010. I think. Never was much good at maths blush

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