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thinking about a "high risk pregnancy"

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mrschigur Sat 07-Nov-09 15:37:21

Am feeling broody and DP is beginning to as well - which is great!
But a bit nervous as I have type 1 diabetes, epilepsy and am being tested for some other cardiac and auto-immune conditions.
Am hoping to start trying sometime next year.
Would love to hear something positive about my chances of healthy pregnancy or just to hear from others who are thinking about trying in "uncertain circumstances" too.
We are surrounded by nieces, nephews and much loved friends' children. I want one!

Kadiya Sat 07-Nov-09 19:54:12

Hey hun
I have hypermobility syndrome and hypothyroidism, both of which require regular medication like your conditions do!
My best piece of advice is to go and talk to your GP about it, or bring it up with your consultant regarding your epilepsy.
I do believe there is alternative medication they can put you on for the epilepsy depending on how severe it is, but you should discuss all aspects with the doctor!
I think that as long as you take very good care of yourself and follow the advice of your doctors then there should be no reason why you can't have a good pregnancy and have the baby you both want
Preparation is the key ;)

tigger15 Sun 08-Nov-09 01:31:24

I have type 1 and had a pre-conception appt at the hospital which was very useful. I have a healthy 2 year old ds. Your pg is automatically more complicated and monitored than others but pg is an unpredictable thing and you never know how it will turn out even without underlying conditions. Go for it!

jabberwocky Sun 08-Nov-09 02:19:09

I have hypothyroidism and had a history of severe PND as well as gestational hypertension when I decided to ttc dc2. Oh, and I was 40 grin He's here, healthy and turning 3 this month.

I went to a high risk OB. DS2 came a few weeks early but had good lungs. I developed pre-eclampsia but not until the very end.

It was a planned section btw, which was lovely just a little earlier than expected but all good just the same.

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