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Clomid - What would you do?

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Kitchens Sat 07-Nov-09 08:40:29

We have a son who is 6. We have been TTC for child number 2 for 4 years. I have had 3 miscarriages. One before son. 2 after.

I was prescribed clomid about 2 years ago but without realising it I was already pregnant. Had m/c. Got pregnant again the next month. Had m/c. Been ttc ever since and have been to see a private doctor to discuss IUI. He suggested a course of IUI and then progesterone pessaries if pregnancy happens. Have been using ovulation sticks and I have not ovulated for about 3 months.

The quesion is. We are not in the position of affording IUI at the moment. I have a 3 month supply of clomid (which is was prescribed to me 2 years ago by my GP and is still in date by 1 year). Do I take it and then go back to the fertility clinic and just get the progesterone pessaries privately? Which the doctor said I could do if I got pregnant naturally (but technically this would not be natural). I will have to tell him I've taken the clomid to get pregnant won't I?

Can GP's prescribe progesterone pessaries. Could I just go back to my GP instead of clinic?

Anyone been in similar situation?

I need to take the first clomid tablet tommorrow so all help appreciated.


positiveattitudeonly Sat 07-Nov-09 17:49:28

Hi there,

Sorry to hear all about your problems TTC and MC.
I read your post earlier, but did not want to answer as I thought what I wanted to say would get flamed. But I see you are still unanswered, so here goes.

I would take the clomid!

If it was prescribed for you and is still in date then go for it and the very best of luck!

If you were concerned you could always speak to your GP about it and just say that you are going to take it and is there anything you should get checked out first. My GP was the one who prescribed clomid for me.

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