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are DH I unluckiest couple ever?

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losingallhope Sat 07-Nov-09 07:04:23

After a miscarriage in 2007 I was found to have an ovarian cyst. Had to wait 6 months to get that removed. Then after almost a year of trying I had bloods to discover wasn't ovulating. Have been on clomid since March, my consultant has been upping the dose and have felt vile with big boobs, moods, name it. Sex has become a bind which is an awful thing to say.
Anyway, am now ovulating on 200mg of Clomid but nothing. Now my DH has had a sperm analysis and has 95% abnormal sperm and 5 non swimmers.
Am devasted, just got AF and don't know whether to take next month of clomid, have appointment on 1st of Dec......HELP! anyone had similar problems ? xxxxx red eyes from crying sad

ninedragons Sat 07-Nov-09 07:36:37

Fertility treatment is gruelling, no two ways about it.

I have no personal experience, but a good friend had streams of miscarriages (some very late in the game) and I remember her being in exactly the same state as you are now.

She's too busy to cry about things now - she's got her hands full with a lovely little girl, conceived when she thought she'd hit the emotional wall and born when my friend was well into her forties.

She is Chinese and very into acupuncture, which is I believe gathering scientific support, and possibly something you might look into if you haven't already.

babyboom1979 Sat 07-Nov-09 07:45:16

So sorry to hear of your struggles......the entire ttc process can be so unbearable.

Regarding your husband's sperm, mine had a 1% sperm morphology reading. However, he managed to get me pregnant very soon after test once he had cut out alcohol and begun living a healthy lifestyle. It really can make a huge difference in men. He did all this after seeing a nutritionist at the Zita West Clinic in London.

Have you found out why you are not ovulating? Is it PCOS? I would imagine that they would have done several tests to figure out the exact cause before giving you something as powerful as Clomid.

Vikks Sat 07-Nov-09 10:06:03

Losingallhope – My heart goes out to you, what a journey you’ve been on. I pray that it has a happy ending for you. From what you’ve said I think both options could have positive outcomes. Staying off the Clomid until your appointment would give your body a break. You could concentrate on your relationship with DH and enjoy BD when you ‘want to’ and not when you ‘have to’.
But on the other hand if 200mg is working and you’ll OV this month then there is still a chance however small and from my experience that chance is usually irresistible. Get DH to have a very healthy month, no booze, no hot baths, take vitamins and reduce caffeine. Use OPK and reduce BD to the important days so it feels like less of ‘a bind’.
Whatever you and DH decide, I wish you all the luck in the world. There are loads of treatment options out there and I’m sure your appointment will be positive and reassuring. smile

losingallhope Sat 07-Nov-09 10:19:30

Thanks everyone for all your lovely messages, am trying to keep my chin up. Hopefully retail therapy will work.
Thank God DH is so, so lovely and we have each other.

Good vibes to all of us out there trying to achieve what seems like the impossible but as so many happy endings obviously it isn't xxxxxxxxxx

nandos Sun 08-Nov-09 17:18:16

first of all you shouldnt lose hope.
when i read your post, u sounded a lot like me but pls pls do not lose hope as that wont do u any good either.

i've been trying for abt 3yrs since 1st miscarriage. took clomid early last yr n got preg on 1st cycle but sadly mc again at 6wks.
took a few mths break, saw a consultant, took tests n dh has 3% normal swimmers. rest r handicapped(cant swim).dh took vit pills containing zinc n selenium as prescribed n i used preseed. then couple of mths later got lucky on 2nd clomid cycle n now baby is now 3 and a 1/2 mths old.

hopefully you will be relieved by hearing our stories n we are all here to give tips/just listen to u if or whenever u need us.

take care..hugss

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