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The first day of the rest of my life?

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prayingforababy Fri 06-Nov-09 23:50:24

Hi all,

New to MN conception so I hope I'm posting in the right place so I have lots of questions and would be grateful for any replies.

OH just had a vasectomy reversal 3 days ago and I know there are no guarantees but I have seen lots of products online such as vitamins and sachet drinks to help with a low sperm count or more sperm motility which is common after a VR. Was wondering if anyone has used them or if a particular one could be recommended. We are open to trying ANYTHING!

Rather foolishly I should have got myself checked out before the VR but stupidly assummed I would be fine. Well I may be ok but have discovered FSH levels and got in a panic that I need to get mine checked (I'm 31) or atleast start taking supplements (conventional or alternative) that lower FSH levels. Has anyone got any advice on what I can take.

Finally would love to hear from anyone who has fallen pregnant after OH's VR.

As it says in the name, I'm praying for a baby and hope for the same for all you lovely ladies too.

Meglet Sat 07-Nov-09 00:06:54

Aaaww, I'm not ttc anymore (have 2 dc's and am done) but didn't want to ignore your post. You will get more replies in the morning I expect. Just want to wish you and your OH good luck.

prayingforababy Sat 07-Nov-09 00:09:10

Thanks Meglet, glad you've got two gorgeous kids.

gumblossom Sat 07-Nov-09 04:58:24

My OH had a reversal, and I'm sitting here breastfeeding my LO while I type!
It took us 7 months post VR ttc.But we did have age against us - I was 41 when I conceived.

We took alot of spplements.I gave OH high doses of vit c and e for healing,and selenium and zinc for sperm production.He also took a chinese herbal for motility.My accupuncturist prescribed them.

I believe the acupuncture helped us conceive too.

Be sure to have a sperm analysis done at three months, don't put it off because if the count is low, it may be due to scarring which I believe can be treated with anti- inflamatories.We didn't have this problem, but I know of others who have.

Good luck. I really hope you don't have to wait too long for your baby.

prayingforababy Sat 07-Nov-09 10:19:37

Thanks Gumblossom,

I have also read that overtime scarring can get worse so can we start trying before the sperm sample which is not until the end of February? There seems to be conflicting answers. Some say you can start one month after and some six months after.

Oh an OH says no to acupuncture if the needles are going you know where - needles down there twice in his lifetime is more than enough!wink

gumblossom Sun 08-Nov-09 09:24:08

Oh no, no needles down there!

You can start ttc as soon as your OH feels up to it. Surgeons vary in their suggested time after the op til having sex.Ours said 21 days, and I think we made it to 18. Some say two weeks, so I guess it depends on your surgeon, but also what your OH feels comfortable with.

I actually don't understand the thinking behind waiting to start ttc,I believe it takes 72 days to make sperm, so the sperm that come out post - op will have been there for a couple of months gearing up...I don't see that they'll be more damaged etc? Definately start ttc right away, as there is a chance of scarring over.

We bought a microscope from ebay so that we could have a look for ourselves before the first sperm test. It was great, but not for the faint hearted, because it isn't always easy to see them at first, it takes some getting used to, so you can feel quite dejected at first.However, with perserverence we were able to work it out, and felt very excited when we saw them swimming around. There is a great which explains it all.
Also, I have been on a great supportive site for years, and many of my questions were answered there. I have learnt so much from other people in the same situation.
I hope this helps.
BTW, it wasn't my OH that had acupuncture - I did, and my acupuncturist prescribed the herbs for my OH.I really believe they helped because we were able to see under the scope that the numbers were higher and many more were swimming compared to earlier months, and coincidentally, the month he took the herbs was the one I conceived in.
Keep us posted!

prayingforababy Sun 08-Nov-09 16:19:40

You have been so helpful Gumblossom.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me the name or ingredients in the herbal remedy and I will go and get some NOW! grin

prayingforababy Sun 08-Nov-09 16:23:28

Meant to ask - what magnification do you need to see the sperm?

gumblossom Sun 08-Nov-09 22:58:09

I'll tell you what it was called and what is in it, but it might be worth talking to an acupuncturist, or Traditional Chinese herbalist, mainly because they deal with any personal issues you have, balancing your system, depending on what you need.
I found this one online:
I think it is fairly generic, so you should be able to get it somewhere else?

As for the magnification, I think we saw them at 400x and 900x.

Also, if there are any issues with your reproductive health, acupuncture sorts them out, and the boinus is that acupuncture makes you feel so relaxed, which is really important when you are ttc, because it can be stressful!

prayingforababy Mon 09-Nov-09 18:49:39

Thanks again Gumblossom.

At the moment I am assuming I am fine but may purchase an FSH test to be on the safe side. Not to be too graphic but where do they stick the needles in females? blush

gumblossom Mon 09-Nov-09 22:52:10

The needles can be put anywhere that the acupuncturist feels is necessary. For example, if I am having trouble with my back, she'd put some in there, but also in my legs and hands.
When I was going to get help for ttc, she would also put them in my tummy.But I never had needles put in the groin area or boobs! YOu can always tell them what you feel comfortable with.
It really is a great thing, it helps me feel so relaxed - in fact I am having it done today.I go regularly now, just to keep my body balanced.
I also went whilst pregnant and it really helped with morning sickness and other niggles.
I'd be careful with the over the counter FSH tests, I think they can be unreliable.If you are really concerned, why don't you get your doc to do some blood tests?
Good luck!

prayingforababy Mon 09-Nov-09 23:12:48

Best friend is training to be an acupuncturist so may try her first and will definitely need morning sickness help as I'm a woos!

greenbeanie Wed 11-Nov-09 08:21:33

I am also training as an acupuncturist at the moment. I would recommend that you go to a properly registered acupuncturist to get advice on herbal supplements as they are usually specifically aimed at the individual and their own unique requirements so someone elses remedy might not help your dh. There is lots of evidence that acupuncture can help with sperm motility and also the quality of sperm so it is worth going for treatment. The needles wouldn't be inserted anywhere near vital bits of "equipment" as there are no acupuncture points there. Good luck

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