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period 10 days late negative pregnancy tests help???

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nicolexo Fri 06-Nov-09 17:50:41

hi i was due to start my period 10 days ago and still no sign i have took 3 pregnancy tests now each one has come up negative it is starting to drive me insane! i have been taking citalopram for the past 4 months aswell and dont know if this could be affecting me? if anyone could help i would be sooo greatful as i am losing my mind! xx

babycakes9 Fri 06-Nov-09 19:02:55

Hi there,

I am a week late now its getting me down now the wait!! i have taken 5 tests now i even took one today still neg but i feel so bloated, tired to if i am going to have a period i wish it would hurry up!!

good luck keep us posted with any news!!

nicolexo Fri 06-Nov-09 21:04:34

i no how you feel its so frustrating! ive been getting all the signs i did with my last baby all i need now is the test to be positive!

bert74 Sun 08-Nov-09 19:28:28

I know exactly how you both feel, I was due on 3 days ago and no signs or symptoms of AF.
Have done test but it was negative.

Joycey29 Sun 08-Nov-09 19:32:29

My best mate didn't show pregnant til 15 days even with sensitive tests. Not helpful but it aint over til the Aunt appears smile Good luck!

nicolexo Sun 08-Nov-09 22:19:14

i am now nearly 2 weeks late still no sign!! But still a negative pregnancy test!! ive gotta go docs this week to do another fingers crossed it will be positive. i just wanna no were i am now. keep me posted

Kitchens Mon 09-Nov-09 05:59:10

Did you definately ovulate this month? I only ask because I did't. Been doing ov tests for about 3 weeks (I have the odd randomly long cycle). Eventually AF turns up late. No chance for me this time.

bert74 Mon 09-Nov-09 20:45:55

Any signs of AF yet nicolexo or babycakes? None here yet!!

ozirish Thu 12-Nov-09 05:00:39

Hi, I just wanted to join. Any news? I have been watching this thread. I am now 6 days late and absolutely no signs of AF coming. 3 negative tests so far too.
I'm either estatic or terrified at the thought I could be!

sgibbo Fri 13-Nov-09 18:51:10

Hi everyone, just wanted to join kindof in the same boat, except i've been on meds to help OV but that should have been three days ago and no sign of AF (u can usually set your watch by my AF) and only BFN on tests.

Two friends have had BFN for up until 1 - 2 months after AF was due and they both have beautiful babies, one who has his first birthday this weekend.

fingers crossed for everyone xxxx

bert74 Fri 13-Nov-09 19:35:46

Still nothing here, think I may do another test on Sunday!! hmm

bert74 Sun 15-Nov-09 20:58:20

Still no sign of AF here, so did another test today, still BFN!! Now 8 days late arrgghh.......

bert74 Mon 23-Nov-09 17:38:47

Just wanted to know how others who have posted on here were getting on.
I am now 17 days late, have done 3 tests and all have come back neg!!! Going to doctors on Wednesday for a blood test. hmm

PlantASeedWatchItGrow Mon 23-Nov-09 18:25:32

Let us know how it goes bert. I am in similar position on CD42 at the moment and no AF. Have done about 4/5 tests over last couple of weeks all -tive, but I have had 40 day cycles in the past so think if I go to the docs they will send me away and tell me to wait a little longer. sad

bert74 Sat 28-Nov-09 13:40:30

Had blood test, but don't need to wait for the results, as AF has decided to pay me a visit(22 days later than normal)!! Maybe I will be on the September/October bus (fingers crossed).

Leanbh2010 Mon 14-Dec-09 10:57:43

Just searching through the threads for posts on the reliability of different pregnancy tests and found this one - how did everyone get on in the end? I'm in the same boat now, late period, pregnancy symptoms but two negative test results... it's so annoying to be in limbo like this! I don't feel as if my period's coming on but do feel completely weird and out of sorts. It's my first time so I can't compare with previous pregnancies.

Is it possible to have had negative results and still eventually get a positive? When would you recommend going to the doctor? I'm about 5 days late now so was thinking of booking an appointment with the doctor when I'm two weeks late if I haven't had a positive by then. Normally my period's fairly regular (30-32 day cycle) and I only missed it once before and that was due to stress at work, which meant I didn't ovulate. I haven't been stressed at all this month, I did ovulate and I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms when my period was late then either. Never imagined this pregnancy thing could be so complicated...hmm

Lbolton81 Sun 28-Dec-14 11:36:23

I'm now 10 days late, i have had tests not show positive with all my last 4 pregnancy a till 6/7 weeks pregnant. This is very common according to doctors. So if you work out when you may have conceived and work on 6 weeks it may show up then. I still have another 2 weeks to wait it's so frustrating. smile

Raven0506 Wed 21-Jan-15 15:30:59

Hi I'm new to this. I have never missed a period since puberty other than twice and I have two beautiful children. It's been 8 years and I don't use any kind of birth control. I've been with my bf for the past year and my period is always on time. So my period is 10 days late and all the HPT are negative. I'm very tired and extremely irritable. I'm having hardcore PMS without AF. My boobs are not sore and I've been having a lot of cramping and chest pain the past two weeks and run to the bathroom thinking its AF. I would be thrilled if I am pregnant. Has anyone else experience this with negative HPT but turned out to be pregnant ?

abbs05 Mon 09-Feb-15 08:13:15

Hi I've been looking for a page like this to know I'm not the only one going thru it. My period is 10 days late, my breast feels heavy I have backache and headaches , I feel extremely bloated and nauseated when I'm brushing and I done test it says neg pls im confused and don't know what to do

SergeantJarhead Mon 09-Feb-15 18:24:30

Hi Abbs05, when was the last time you tested and how late was AF when you did? Have you been under stress or using medication for anything? Those can have an effect on your menstrual cycle and make you late. If you need more experienced advice start your own thread? I'm sure there are other people out there in the same boat as you smile I'm not late yet but last time I was pg the tests picked it up 7 days before AF was due so it's very frustrating!

carly2614 Mon 02-Mar-15 09:16:00

Hey my period is now 10 days late I don't know if am pregnant I took a test 2 weeks ago and it was negative I don't want to excited because maybe I will let me self down

jreneebrown Thu 05-Mar-15 09:02:44

I'm now 11 days late
two negative test and I'm usually very regular with my period like clockwork

HollyJenni Sun 08-Mar-15 09:28:29

I'm on cycle day 40 and still no period. Doesn't even feel like like I'm going to have one yet I tested last night and no positive! So frustrating

Ronnie85 Wed 11-Mar-15 14:37:10

How's everyone getting on here? Has anyone who was getting BFNs had a positive or AF finally arrive?

I'm 5 days late today. My cycles are usually between 30-32 days and today is day 37 of my cycle. I've had 3 BFNs, the last being last night. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on 22nd/23rd Feb as I was using a clear blue digital OPK. Are these always accurate? I don't have any really notable symptoms - just some mild cramping/twinging and feeling more bloated than usual after eating.

I'm sure I'm not pregnant as I think I would have had a BFP by now and all three tests have been glaringly obvious BFNs. I'm so confused!

parkesgirl10 Tue 08-Sep-15 20:09:36

I'm 10 days late and getting negative pregnancy tests. The cheap ones. I wake up feeling iv come on but I haven't. I feel as though I'm on my period and I'm bloated too. Can anybody please advise me or tell me what their out come was?

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