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Niggling abdomen after early m/c, advice needed

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chocolatejunkie Fri 06-Nov-09 12:58:45

Well, having pretty much given up on getting any advice from anyone in RL until next week (EPU won't see me until I have a referral from my GP. GP can't see me until Tuesday...) I thought I'd turn to the collective wisdom of Mumsnet and see if anyone has experienced something similar to me and if anyone can shed any light on whether I need to investigate further or not.

I had a very early miscarriage (4.5-5ish weeks) in the early hours of Saturday morning. At the time, the pain was kind of one sided, slightly to the left of my abdomen. But it was only like very bad period pain, not the excruciating pain I've been led to believe an ectopic pregnancy would cause. I rubbed some essential oils onto my stomach to try and ease the pain and I found a very tender patch of skin, on the left, I think I've read that this could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy? Anyway, the cramping lasted all day Saturday, the bleeding (heavy with lots of clots, sorry TMI) lasted until Monday evening. I'm sure it was a complete miscarriage. Not sure if it's relevant but I woke in the early hours of Sunday feeling very sick. Thought it must be a stomach bug but I wasn't actually sick and after a couple of hours more sleep I was fine.

Since then I've been left with a niggle (not a pain, just a feeling of something being not quite right) on the left of my abdomen. Is it a possibility that the pregnancy was ectopic and if it was, could something have been left behind? If it has, would it show on a scan and would it need to be treated? I'm just not sure whether this is something I need to be worrying about or not. Or indeed whether it's sensible to TTC this month. If anyone can shed any light I'd be really grateful. Thanks in advance.

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