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Bloated, cramps, all tests say neg help!!

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babycakes9 Thu 05-Nov-09 18:00:15

Hi everyone!

I am new to this site, its helped me also relise that im probably my pregnancy test to early!! they are so expensive so far i have done 4 and all are neg i was shocked no line using first response i got so excited then a big let down.

I have one son that we waited 4yrs to finally have lots of painful times waiting for him to come, but finally on the month i was due to start (iui) i found out luckily through 1 test i was having a baby :0 before i knew i was pregnant with hin i was feeling faint, hot, and sick but i never knew it was for a great cause!!
we havent been trying long but im so sure that i am i feel so bloated that i feel i look 4 months gone i know its sounds funny as its not the baby thats making me feel and look big as the baby would be so small, i keep getting pulling and cramp pains like period pains but dont normally have the cramps go on like this for weeks i have been having low back ach too havent had any sickness yet, i am sure im late now but its a pain cause im not as regular as some women.

Im so hoping its not in my head, i was 5 weeks gone with my son so think i should wait another 3 days to try again, if nothing i will try again in 3 days and go to the doctors just dont want to waste there time if im not,
Its doing my head in now!!

Does anyone else feel bloated my jeans feel much tighter??

The weeks are dragging now!!
Thank you

bigmuther65 Fri 06-Nov-09 16:19:06

HI Babycakes i know how you feel,i to am waiting to do a test, 9dpo at the moment so guess should wait for a few days yet.
I am having some quite bad cramps at moment just like if i was on a period,but no bleeding,don't normally get cramps untill period arrives.My stomach feels a little bloated,but that probably to do with all the junk food that i am eating.

maybe we should be POAS

babycakes9 Fri 06-Nov-09 19:15:27

Hi there bigmuther65,

Thank you for your response, sorry to here your in the same boat lol i also done another test today and it read neg again!!

I know what you mean about the cramps, i can feel tugging to, its getting me down now as the more you do the tests and there neg the more confusing it becomes i must leave the tests alone now for a while if i can (wink),

please let me know how you get on best of luck to you!! take care

TishTosh21 Fri 06-Nov-09 20:23:46

arghhh i have this too and its driving me nuts!! I came off the pill early sept, had a 'real' period on 7th oct and have been frantically TTC all last month and if im regular my period should have come on Tues of this week but it didnt, feel its still too early to test as i did that last month, got a neg, and period came the next day. was so frustrated i dont want to jinx it again. I keep thinking my period will come any day now and i think ok ill hang on for one more day but it doesnt come. am buying a test tomorrow and will test on mon as i cant this weekend for other reasons (staying at relative's house tomorrow night and wouldnt feel comfortable doing it there).

Sorry for the rant i typed it really quick! Hope we all get some answers!

babycakes9 Sat 07-Nov-09 18:53:00

Hi everyone,

Still feel very bloated like a big air balloon!!!

I have been feeling some cramping like i want to have my period, this morning i did have some light pink bleeding nothing like normal i normally just start heavey straight away, after wiping my self late i could not see no more and no blood has come on my pad all day (sorry)!!

All tests have said neg but now so confused as if i dont bleed like i normally do is this what they call spotting i have never found out so much as i do now is it worth me taking more tests or is it just likely i have just had a big period.

I would appreciate any help i cant see why i am so bloated??

Thanks guys

bigmuther65 Sat 07-Nov-09 22:28:37

Hi sounds like it could be a implantation bleed, if af does not come in next few days i would test again.I will be doing a test on tuesday if af does not arrive,cramp gone had no sign of bleeding yet,smile

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