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advice needed please

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crazyh Thu 05-Nov-09 11:43:05

hi i joined mumsnet coz i need a bit of advise, i have been reading up on implantation bleeding because it is another pregnancy syptom 2 add 2 the list which has been building up for the past couple of wks, im unsure wether or not i am able 2 concieve so it wud b amazin 2 find out i was pregnant, 1st off, i have been feeling really tired like takin naps during the day, then my boobs have beem extremely sore, i wasnt able 2 wear a bra they were that bad, then on monday i started spotting, im not due on for another week to 10days, and showed a few syptoms of a water infection, as i am not not due for a while i dnt want 2 do i a test just yet as to not be disapointed, does any1 think all these signs add up 2 being pregnant, as i thought i wud have morning sickness aswell, oh and also i have been havin major mood swings, its drivin my boyfriend crazy lol, an i dnt usualy suffer that much from pmt, any advice wud b greatly appreciated ta x x

Antdamm Thu 05-Nov-09 12:12:00

Hi, and welcome to MN.

Those symptoms do sound promising smile

But it is hard to give you a straight answer.

Have you been trying to get pregnant? How long have you been trying? What makes you unsure about whether or not you would be able to conceive?

Are you planning to buy a test any time soon?

crazyh Thu 05-Nov-09 12:24:21

Hi Antdamm

I havent been tryin to get pregnant but we havent been being careful so to speak.

I have had PID a few times now, which I no can hav a serious effect on a persons fertility, I havent been told for definate that im infertile, but it has bin hinted at that there is a posibility, by various doctors who have treated me.

I havent bought a test yet am thinkin of doing so sumtime closer 2 wen i am due on.

Its jus doin ma head in lol, wanted a bit of advice as I cant afford a preg test atm, and dnt want 2 take 1 too early

Antdamm Fri 06-Nov-09 11:42:33

Sorry, didn't get a chance to reply yesterday. Lost my internet.

I'm sorry, but I don't know what PID is. [useless emoticon]

Are you in the UK? Is it possible for you to get cheap ones from pound shops or off ebay??

How would you feel about getting PG? How about your partner - what does he say?

Any more symptoms today?

crazyh Mon 09-Nov-09 13:12:24

hey antdamm,
sorry pid is pelvic inflammatory disease, where the fallopian tubes become inflamed

yh u can get cheap ones gunna buy 1, jus dnt want 2 b dissapointed thats all

my symptoms are basically the same as they were, apart from im not spotting anymore, and i hav been gettin quite bad lower back pains, and sleepin really stupid amounts lol, the mood swings are still ther an i basically feel like i do when im on my period, with cramping, and feeling bloated.

i would love 2 get pregnant, me and my partner hav spoke about it before an he said he wudnt mind if i got pg, hense y were not using anythin, not sure he wud still feel the same if i actually was, i'll jus have 2 wait and see.

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