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Anyone else feel this crappy taking metformin?

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choufleur Wed 04-Nov-09 19:29:58

I've been taking it for just over a week and started taking two a day on saturday.
Since then I've felt bloody awful. Constantly nauseous, very windy, headaches and tired. I've not taken any today and i couldn't face another day feeling crappy.

Don't want to wish it on anyone else, but tell me I'm not alone. And does it pass if you preserver. Are there any similar alternatives?

liahgen Wed 04-Nov-09 19:42:03

what were you prescribed it for?

choufleur Wed 04-Nov-09 20:34:37


choufleur Thu 05-Nov-09 22:43:11

just me then?

pipme Thu 05-Nov-09 22:49:47

Hi there

I took it for pcos/infertility and it worked, my dd is now 5:-) The side effects are grim but do usually pass. I had problems with it after I went back on it after the birth and now take a long acting type in the evening, seems to be better for me.

Stick with it, its worth it.

lots of luck and best wishes

ilovethebeach Fri 06-Nov-09 21:24:33

Hi, I took met 3 years ago and conceived first cycle using it. The remember feeling lousy for at least a week and took 2 weeks before I could up the dose to 2 tabs. The key to feeling better was being strict with my diet. I ate plain, carby things, protein and veg were fine but fatty things were what made my tummy more unsettled. After a few weeks though I think I gradually went back to usual meals etc. Good luck, I am thinking of going back on it again too.

choufleur Sat 07-Nov-09 08:30:51

I've got a different prescription from GP for modified release metformin. took one last night and feel ok. Will see how i go over the next few days on just one, then will contemplate upping it to two a day. I was ok on one a day of normal metformin - it was when i started taking two that i felt bloody awful.

ilove did you take two together or at different times of the day?

ilovethebeach Sat 07-Nov-09 09:12:55

I can't remember choufleur. Knowing me I would have done what it advised on the pack though!

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