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too despondant for the hut, moving into acceptance now!

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lissieloucantthinkofawittyname Mon 02-Nov-09 09:25:15

my first mc was 4 years ago tomorrow. 4 years. we have been to hell and back in the pursuit of another child, i cry at work when i see new babies. our life has been on hold for too long. this is my last month of clomid, we go back to see the cons next month and i know he will tell us to stop. period started yesterday. maybe we really will never have another baby. maybe ds will never have a sibling. dh starts RAF in Jan (PJFT on thurs) maybe thats the new start we need...

can i really stop?

lissielovessparklers Mon 02-Nov-09 09:38:30

perhaps i just need to be grateful for what i have!

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