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All you temping experts I need some help

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ScaryLoujalou Sat 31-Oct-09 08:23:13


I have decided to temp as love numbers and graphs and stuff and fed up of not being pregnant!

So got my thermometer from ebay and it says you can take you temp orally, anally or vaginally as long as you are consistent. Decided on orally and have been temping for a few day but temp seems a bit all over the place from 34.2 to 34.8 (today - but I do have a cold). I am on day 6 btw.

Should I change the hole (ahem) that I use or just carry on the way I am.... Help would be appreciated. Am using FF as well to help me analyse.

AnyGhoulKno Sat 31-Oct-09 13:26:13

I would highly recommend a book called 'taking charge of your fertility' by toni weschler which is a brilliant guide.

You need to take your temp in the morning before you get out of bed or drink/eat antyhing so that it will be as consistent as possible

I did it a couple of years ago so can't remember but it does seem likely a cold would mess with your temps.

you need a very accurate thermometer too, which one have you got?

you'd have to be a glutton for punishment to start taking your temps in another orifice, if you ask me

ImmaterialGirl Sat 31-Oct-09 14:55:37


I agree first of all that it could just be a cold and if you keep going it might even itself out. But thought I'd give my two pence worth anyway...

First of all, are your periods regular? If not, then temping can be difficult -your temperatures will be all over the place, and you may not be ovulating at all.

Second, even if your periods are regular, your temps are really really low. This doesn't necessarily matter (oral temperatures will on average be a bit lower than vaginal for instance) as it is consistency that is important, but yours are so low that I'm guessing the thermometer is having a hard time getting it right. Forgive me if I am patronising you, but just in case, when you temp orally you should stick the thermometer in the creek under your tongue, so it's touching it, not just into your mouth. Temps in the 34 celsius range are clearly unrealistic (human body temp is around 37, with readings in the 34 range you would be on the verge of dying...). If you have a look at the FF chart gallery, temps in celcuis tend to be between high 35s - high 36s.

If you change the way you temp now FF will tell you off for being inconsistent but as you're only on CD6 you should still be able to see a temp change when ovulation occurs...

And AnyGhoul is right that you need a proper thermometer. You need one spcifically for taking basal body temps, with two decimal places.

I take my temps orally, and couldn't really imagine doing it any other way first thing in the morning...

LoujalouRocket Sat 31-Oct-09 20:07:44

That is what I thought with regards to which hole... The other ones don't seem too pleasant. I might just be putting it in my mouth not under my tongue but will try that in the morning. Not sure what company my thermometer is from as it was just from e-bay. I saw Boots did one.

I thought my temps did look really low and was wondering if I was still alive. Maybe I will try one of my other thermometers I have lurking in the house just to see if its working.

LoujalouRocket Sun 01-Nov-09 07:41:29

It was the thermometers tried a different one and it worked better. 36.5 degrees Celsius, so it seems I am alive after all.

AnyGhoulKno Sun 01-Nov-09 21:35:00

good luck lou smile

ImmaterialGirl Mon 02-Nov-09 08:37:50

Hooray for not being dead grin Glad you worked it out -hope the temps even out for you.

Good luck!!

LoujalouRocket Mon 02-Nov-09 09:46:12

I am very happy that I am not dead. Yesterday I was 36.5 and today 36.7 so seems to have evened out!! grin

LoujalouRocket Mon 02-Nov-09 09:51:40

Forgot to say THANKS!!!

Loujalou Tue 10-Nov-09 10:23:33

Me again - I have been taking my temps and I think I might have had an ovulation dip yesterday but I have had no EWCM (had none last month either) which I usually do get. My temp has gone back up today but not as high as its been. Am totally confused. Also, got a positive OPK on Sunday but negative yesterday.

I think I am confusing everyone with my post... Maybe its best if I stop this temping thing all together.

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