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have already posted this in health but might get more responses here...

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moulesfrites Fri 30-Oct-09 15:28:17

I have been told by my GP that I have to come off the pill as I have started to get aura migraines.

My options are to go onto the mini pill (progesterone only) or to use some non-hormonal method eg condoms.

We are thinking of TTC in about a year or so, so that is why the GP has not recommended longer term methods eg implant etc.

I am leaning towards condoms as I realise it might take a while for fertility to return anyway, but feel a little wierd about having normal periods again- haven't had them since I was 17, now 26 and they used to be heavy and painful - much lighter when I went on pill. WWYD?

DH is not adverse to the idea of condoms, he says I have taken the pill for 9 years so he can put up with condoms for a while. I also think he wouldn't mind a "happy accident" IFKWIM...

Speaking of which, if I am going to TTC in a year, when would be the best time to start taking Folic Acid?


giveloveachance Fri 30-Oct-09 15:39:30

My doc recommended taking folic acid for at least 6 months before ttc.

Was also told that it can take 12 months for fertility to return once stopped the pill.

So condoms seems a good idea, and DH sounds a reasonable chap, give your body a chance to do its thing and have a supply of painkillers at the ready.

ImpatientAnnie Fri 30-Oct-09 20:51:45

I haven't been to the doctors about TTC yet as we are not 'officially' trying so i can't advise about flic acid, but i came off the depo provera injection just over a year ago and i have just started having regular cycles again in the past few months.

If you can use condoms then i would, it will make TTC much easier as your cycles should be regular. Maybe see how it goes and if you still have problems with heavy periods then go back to the docs, but at least you will know for definite.

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