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Stopping the Pill

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Molly79 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:13:28

Hi, I am very new to this so please excuse my ignorance.

I stopped taking the pill about 3 weeks ago (microgynon 30) after 14 years. I had my usual withdrawal bleed and everything was fine. I had some spotting last week which I was sure was the start of my period but it came to nothing. This week I feel so sick i don't know what to do with myself, I have actually been sick once and I often have a terrible taste in my mouth. I am also so tired that even walking up the stairs makes my legs ache. I have gone off of food and tea and coffee and have period like pains and flutterings. I did a HPT on Monday which was negative so I am sure it is just symptoms of stopping the pill but as I have no idea when or even if I have ovulated I don't know if that was too early.

Again I am sure it is just because I have stopped the pill and I wanted to know if anyone else had this and if so how long is lasted??!!

Hobnob76 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:37:52

Hiya, I had symptoms like this after stopping my pill too. I was on the pill for nearly 15 yrs and stopped this summer. I knew I wasn't pg because we'd not had sex! My first month off the pill was exactly the same, subsequent months have been so much better.

Hope you feel better soon

Molly79 Wed 28-Oct-09 12:45:46

Thanks,I will look forward to it all settling down! Can't believe I feel this rough before I am even pregnant!! I just want my period to come so I can get a slight idea of my cycle!

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