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ttc and other half is on shifts

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nattiecake Tue 27-Oct-09 12:09:39


this is my first official month of ttc having come off the pill in august, and blooming typical, im due to ovualte bang smack in the middle of my other halfs "four on" night shifts. and so im not going to see him for four days!!!
im hoping and praying that i ovulate early/late during my cycle and that the considerable amount of sex we've had in the last week should be enough to do it. but im also panicing that as he does work shifts im going to miss it every month
its his first night shift tonight, and then im not going to see him til saturday morning (unless he pops in to see me in work on his way to/from work - and we can hardly get down and dirty then!).
silly as it sounds, what is THE MOST annoying thing is that when we first started planning for a baby, we booked a holiday which is next week. but my period came early this month and threw my dates! grin

Cynthers Fri 30-Oct-09 16:21:47

I can completely understand your frustrations nattiecake.

I'm on my second month of TTC - and my OH works abroad - a lot, and it seems to me that he's usually out of the country on the most important times of the month. Bloody men!

I don't know what I can suggest, unless you can make some time for each other, even a 5 minute quickie will do the job as it were!!

On the other hand, you could always have a few important appointments that you just have to go to - Doctors, Dentists, waiting for that postal delivery etc.... And then you can have a quick go and then go to work!

Good luck

nattiecake Fri 30-Oct-09 23:55:51

got round it for the most important day this month, he got his brother to drop him into work so we got our half hour together

fingers crossed its "four off" next month. or even better that we're uptheduff!! grin

fledtoscotland Mon 02-Nov-09 00:50:05

I work unsocial hours and when we were TTC DS1 I actually booked annual leave for the 4th month as I knew I wouldnt see DH at all for the week I was ovulating. In the end this wasnt necessary as I conceived in month 3 although I must have ovulated late as I was working days 13-16 that month.

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