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Clearblue or First Response

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asteri Tue 27-Oct-09 11:04:43

Firstly, Again Im sorry if Im turning into an annoying woman
I got a clearblue pink tipped test and long story short I got a positive however it took a few mins to develop so worried it could have been an evapbut it was thick and solid shaped (not wavy) and blue - the same colour as the test line-just very faint. How do I know if it is a BFP or an evap line? So this morning I bought a First Response (was advised to try pink dye test) and tested and it was a BFN, however I had been a little impatient and tested as soon as I bought it which was only an hour and a half after my first wee of the day. Feeling really disappointed but the line on my clearblue from yesterday (Dont worry I've thrown it away now) is still blue and thick so I called Clearblue and they said to treat that as a positive (as the + line is the same colour and thickness as the - line). But have still heard bad things about clearblue. any advice or opinions???

CeeUnit Tue 27-Oct-09 20:10:59

Don't know about specific brands but I thought the rule of thumb was that you can get a false negative, but not a false positive. That being true, if you have one of each, the +ve is more likely to be accurate.

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