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Pre-conceptual "check up" - what to expect?

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Dibbydab Mon 26-Oct-09 16:48:22

First post, be gentle with me...

I have an appointment with our Practice Nurse tomorrow for a pre-conceptual check up - if you had one of these, what did it involve?

We have been ahem, "frolicking" for a few months at what I thought was my most fertile time, but nothing yet - periods pretty regular but this is our first time properly trying, I'm 34 and DH is 35. Non-smokers, moderate drinkers (within weekly limits), not overweight, no health problems that we know of.

Dreading the nurse saying to me tomorrow "Well dear you've completely missed your chance, why don't you get yourself a cat?" hmm

Which thread should I join for a bit of moral support - first time frolickers, 30 somethings or something else?

Foolishly, I thought after 18 years of being uber careful not to get pregnant, my husband would just have to look at me without using contraception and I'd fall pregnant blush

AF arrived this morning so feel a bit sad

idealcamel Mon 26-Oct-09 17:21:01

Hey Dibby

I imagine the nurse will probably take some blood to check that your rubella antibodies exist and talk very sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwly to you about the necessity of doing it in the right hole at the right time. S/he might even weigh you and tell you that you need to lose/gain weight depending on your BMI. Depending on the niceness of your GPs surgery, s/he will probably also tell you to quit booze/not worry about quitting anything and to come back in a year's time if still no baby. Oh, and take the folic acid.

Basically, nothing to worry about, but probably not all that helpful, either.

Thread joining is all a matter of taste. I hang out with the 30s lot because we make cynical jokes in bad taste and talk about gin. If that works for you, come and say hi.

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