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I know it may seem a bit premature but has anyone concieved whilst still bf- ing?

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champagneanddaisys Sun 25-Oct-09 01:26:10

Was wondering has anyone used the ovulation test kits wile still BF?

My dd is 8months and we have dicided to try for another as I want them close together. I have only had one period since she was born.
I bought one of the kits and im kinda thinking that i did ovulate 15days ago.

We did the neccesary blush and its now been 36days sine LMP.

I have done test today and got BFN. Am I being overly optermistic to think that I could be pg?
Just wanted to ask mners how long it took to get cycle back to normal while still BF?

Also can those OV test kits be invalied if still BF?

Im realy anoyed with myself for getting my hopes up and not being logical!!

Singapore Sun 25-Oct-09 02:28:43

Yes I became pregnant with dd2 whilst breastfeeding dd1

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