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stress or illness delayed ovulation question

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aly323 Sat 24-Oct-09 19:24:08

If your body gears up for ovulation then decides not to release the egg due to stress or illness, does your body have to start from scratch before you could ovulate again or could it happen right away? Anyone happen to know?

The reason I'm asking is that I've was totally ready to ovulate last month, huge pimple on chin, faint opks started, temp dip. However, on cd 19, the day before I usually ovulate, I started feeling sick (sore throat, cough, etc) and had a VERY stressfull day (bought a car, drama at work). I didn't ovulate. I know because I temp and because I get very obvious ov pains. Last month, I was also set to ovulate when our dog died very traumatically (totally stressed on cd 19-21 that month). I ovulated 20 days late last month (on cd 40). I usually ovulate on cd 20 so I figured my body must have just kind of reset to cd1 when my first ovulation attempt failed or stopped. Is this what happens?

So, now I'm just curious if I could possibly ovulate right away, or if the body will likely start from the beginning and take it's usual 20 days to get ready again. Does anyone have any similar experiences or know the answer? I just hate spending every day wondering if I might ovulate (especially if it absolutely won't happen until later) and using up loads of opks.

I'll be seeing a fertility specialist in a few weeks, but am just trying to get some peace of mind now.

Thanks for any info!!

MonstrousMuser Sat 24-Oct-09 23:39:46

I have no idea about this but just bumping it up in case someone else can help. Hope you get the answers you're looking for.

aly323 Sun 25-Oct-09 17:15:41

Thanks Muser! I guess I'll bump it up myself again, too. Maybe nobody knows- I've tried to google more info, but I can only find intense scientific articles on cow insemination. Oh well... worst case, I'll just keep opking. I'm so glad I discovered the internet cheapies!

Antiquarian Tue 27-Oct-09 15:08:51

Hello! Sorry to hear about all these stressful events.

As far as I know, the body doesn't precisely re-set to day 1 in these circumstances, but simply cannot/does not produce enough of the right hormone to release the egg at that time. Again, as far as I know, it's likely to have another go once things have calmed down, but that doesn't mean returning to CD1. In other words, say you normally have a 28 day cycle and therefore normally ovulated 14 days after your period, your body won't try to ovulate, fail, and then need another full 14 days to get there. It could happen any number of days later, from just one or two to a lot more, depending on the circumstances.

To put this into context, in my last two cycles (both of which got me pregnant by the way) I have ovulated very late. Both times it was due to stress.

So, what happened the first month was that I got EWCM on the day I expected it for 'normal' mid-cycle ovulation, and then it went after three days but I didn't get a temp rise. At the time, I was moving house, packing to go on holiday, trying to arrange childcare for DD, lots of things, and feeling stressed. Then about 8 days later (when I was on holiday), I got another two days of EWCM and then a temp rise - and I got pregnant that month but subsequently miscarried.

The next month, I got EWCM again on the day I would have expected it (ie three days before I expected to Ov under normal circumstances). But the EWCM carried on for almost two full weeks non-stop until I finally got the temp rise. So you can see that the number of days between first attempted and actual ovulation varies!

Hope that helps - but I'm definitely not an expert so don't take it as Gospel!

Antiquarian Tue 27-Oct-09 15:14:28

PS: Just re-read your message and am understanding your pain re: OPKs etc. They didn't work for me, and on the two week run of EWCM we literally BD'd every night, and every morning I'd wail when my temp hadn't gone up as I knew we'd have to try again that night! Anyway, I definitely don't think you should assume it would take 20 days from the failed attempt at ov, as you might then miss a chance. Just wondered, are you using EWCM as a guide because I definitely think that's really useful.

aly323 Tue 27-Oct-09 18:54:29

Antiquarian, Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. I will just keep checking and hopefully it'll happen sooner rather than later (last month might have just been a fluke). Without your answer, I might have just given up for two weeks and missed an opportunity. I'm lucky that the opk's seem to work for me, especially since I don't get any EWCM to speak of anymore. We try to bd as much as possible just in case, but we just can't do it non-stop, it's just too exhausting!

Are you pregnant right now?

Antiquarian Wed 28-Oct-09 09:38:05

Yes, I am pregnant right now but feeling a bit nervous due to previous month's miscarriage. Good luck!

aly323 Wed 04-Nov-09 23:24:39

I really, really hope that everything is good with you and baby. You pregnancy helps to give me hope since I seem to get delayed O regularly! Maybe it will happen for me, too.

I just wanted to let you know that, based on your experience, I kept using opk's and ov'd 8 days later than usual. So, I wanted to say thanks for answering! It seems that the body just pushes it back as little or as much as it desires.

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