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the one millionth 'is this implantation bleeding' thread?

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just1moreplease Sat 24-Oct-09 19:00:08

okay so i should know better than to ask silly questions like this, but here goes.

i usually have 29-30 day cycle but i mc'd early sept. 1st af after was october 4th, 29 days later.

as i have just begun the tests for recurrent mc we have decided to hold off ttc until results come back.

we dtd unprotected on day 16 (last sat) how soon after this would it be possible to have an implantation bleed? (should add that this is the only time that we have dtd since the mc for exactly this reason!! )

i ask because on day 21 i had a very watery light pink discharge when i wiped. no cramps. i have since had this one other time, but such a small amount no normal person who wasn't sooo obsessed with examining the loo roll would have noticed!

i have had a few days of ewcm so wouldn't even like to guess when i might of ov'd.

surely that is way to quick for an implation bleed.

hmmm sure my boobs are a bit sore.....

im going to obsess over this for the next week aren't i?

yellowflowers Sun 25-Oct-09 11:42:35

not sure but sounds promising and didn't want to leave this unanswered. fingers' crossed.

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