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TTC/Cerezette/folic acid advice please

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PoppyIsApain Sat 24-Oct-09 12:46:08

How long should i wait from stopping taking cerezette to TTC.
When i had ds1 i waited 2 months, but it seems so long, i only stopped taking it yesterday.
I dont want to risk harming the baby.
Should i start taking folic acid when i start trying or when iam pregnant.

SpookyAlice Sat 24-Oct-09 12:48:02

I think the advice is to start taking Folic Acid once you start thinking about a baby. Not sure about the pill, lots of people on here will know though

NecromancyRocks Sat 24-Oct-09 12:52:02

I am not a doctor so you may want to see yours for advice - you can book an appointment with your doctor or the nurse to discuss this sort of thing.

However, my doctor told me I didn't need to have a break from cerezette at all - just stop the pill and get shagging!! (Not exactly how she put it). She did point out that if you wait until you've had one period then you'll find find it easier to date your pregnancy, but it's not a medical requirement.

Start the folic acid asap - in an ideal world, take it for a few months before you even start trying but not something to worry about if you start trying now. Just start taking it as soon as you can. It's the first few weeks of pregnancy that you really need the folic acid, so just try to make sure you're taking it if there's any chance you might conceive.


PoppyIsApain Sat 24-Oct-09 12:57:29

Thank you very much, i will get some folic acid today smile and thanks for the pill advice, i wont hold back then LOL grin

imkeepingmum Sat 24-Oct-09 15:47:43

Hi there, my family planning nurse also said I could start TTC as soon as I stopped Cerazette so no need to worry on that count.

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