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Nearing the END of the ROPE and still NOTHING! (Giving up/Post-AC/Post-IVF)

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islegrin Fri 23-Oct-09 23:52:30

I'm starting to feel the need for a "What if it never happens?" thread. Are you on your last cycle? At what point do we just give up???

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-Oct-09 14:05:50

I gave up way earlier in the process than you and started the adoption process. Lo and behold two DCs followed with no help.

For me, the choice to give up treatment was easy - my marriage and my health were suffering and I knew things were only getting worse. But it has to be your decision and only you know what's right in your circumstances.

ib Sat 24-Oct-09 14:12:58

I also gave up way earlier (decided against fertility treatment at all as we were told our only hope was ICSI). Nothing happened for many many years after that, and just as we started to seriously think about the adoption option I got pg with ds1.

Now pg with ds2 - got pg literally the week dh and I agreed to start looking into adoption again.

islegrin Sat 24-Oct-09 19:06:31

This thread isn't about advice for me, personally - it's for those trying to wrap their heads around being happy without kids after trying so hard. I don't consider adoption as giving up, because you are still pursuing a child.

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