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trying & the pill

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lilaclotus Tue 14-Jun-05 08:08:15

i've just gone off the pill (microgynon 30) and i was wondering how long we should wait to try for a new baby. i've read it would be ok to get pregnant straight away and that i would have to wait three months...?

flamesparrow Tue 14-Jun-05 08:12:38

As far as I know - just go for it.

Some people it takes a while for their system to get back to normal, so it might not happen for 3 months or so, but I've not heard any dangers of still trying before then...

hoxtonchick Tue 14-Jun-05 08:13:17

you can start trying straight away. the advice to wait 3 months is to make it easier to date any pregnancy. just insist on a scan instead!

runtus Tue 14-Jun-05 08:13:51

Some dr's tell you to wait 3 months but that is really only so that they can date any resulting pregnancy easily. There is no danger to start trying straight away, to either you or the baby.


flamesparrow Tue 14-Jun-05 08:16:00

Can I just say... try and keep track of all the trying you do, and test from the very first symptoms you can - my scan dates didn't match my dates (had only had sex once, knew my dates) - and they said mine weren't reliable because I hadn't had a non-pill period.

lilaclotus Tue 14-Jun-05 08:19:23

i intend to keep very good track of everything. i have 'non-period' at the moment as i've just gone off the pill a few days ago.
with dd they said she must have been conceived in the time where i was living in a different country from dh and hadn't had sex in months. heh.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Jun-05 08:25:07

Lol - not just me having affairs with strangers then!!!!

It really didn't help us as we'd been arguing about another bloke at the time!!!

lilaclotus Tue 14-Jun-05 08:31:30

i knew very well when she was made as we had sex about 15 times on the day i moved here

Chuffed Tue 14-Jun-05 11:02:16

start taking a good multivitamin to replace things that the pill sucks out of you such as pregnacare which has the folic acid etc.

Frizbe Tue 14-Jun-05 11:04:27

Good advice from chuffed there! we conceived dd, after coming off the same pill, after just one month of trying! pity buba no2 seems to be taking longer (although we're enjoying the practice!)

lilaclotus Tue 14-Jun-05 12:26:15

that's a good idea, thanks. i'll have a look later for some multivitamins.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Jun-05 17:53:24

Oooh - I went and bought some of them today before seeing the advice

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