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Does CM change if you conceive? How quickly?

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stillfrazzled Thu 22-Oct-09 12:49:29

(This is based on my other thread, but that started out asking a different question and thought it was likely to be missed. Sorry if you saw both)

Am on CD16 (last did the deed CD10). Y'day finally got something that looked a bit like EWCM - clearish, stretchy to over an inch - but nothing like as much as previous months.

By mid-afternoon, CM had gone cloudy, sticky and less stretchy again. Now have hardly anything.

Did I really have a fertile window of three hours?

Or <realise being hopelessly over-optimistic emoticon> did I just possibly conceive and body knows no need for the stuff?

Exposing ignorance here, I suspect!

givecarrotsachance Thu 22-Oct-09 13:23:26

Unfortunately, you can simply have a tight window of fertility but should be more than 3 hours. Usually there's more than you can see - but cloudy and less stretchy may indicate you going over the best time.

Def best to get the deed done when you've got the stretchy stuff.

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