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Type 1 Diabetes, Pre-natal counselling - anyone had it too?

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confuseddoiordonti Wed 21-Oct-09 20:19:07

I have an appointment tomorrow at the hospital for, what the nurse at my GP's surgery, thinks will be one of several appoinments before I am 'allowed' to TTC.

I am a Type 1 diabetic and have excellent control (HbA1c of 6.4 and that was 6 weeks after completing my second Olympic distance triathlon, it would normally be a bit lower) so am really going under duress rather than because I feel a need to. Despite good blood test results I have been told that I 'really ought' to go back on the pill to have all the 'counselling' etc before we TTC (I am 35, it's not likely to happen immediately.) When I asked the nurse what to expect from my appointment and she said I 'would be counselled on the importance of good blood sugar control' - something I have anyway.

Has anyone else had this, or is anyone a Diabetes Specialist Nurse who can shed any more light...? I feel a bit like I'm going to sit an exam!


ps I am fully aware that some diabetics have more knowledge and control than others but have spent far too much time being patronised and not listened to my medical professionals not to get wound up about this! Sorry!

Oblomov Wed 21-Oct-09 20:48:51

No.I did not know it was offered. Had one appointment to discuss, 'optimum' circumstances, pre ttc., ie what to do, to get the very best, before TTC.
But like you, my control was very tight anyway, so they never told me anything I didn't already know.
Plus I conceived immed anyway.

Please try not to worry. But hold firm and don't let them push you around.
Come back tomorrow and tell us what they said. Then we'll have a good laff, at the value of their expertise wink
Does it not strike you that they are being a bit 'overzealous' ?

confuseddoiordonti Wed 21-Oct-09 21:06:48

Thanks for replying! Yes, I do feel they may be being overzealous. I realise they have to cover themselves etc etc but also got very riled when words like 'allowed' were used (ie after I had had various appointments I would them be 'alowed'.)

I have been reading up on diabetes and pregnancy too but am get to find out something I don't yet know. Or, something I don't already do (eg regular tests, balanced diet etc.)

Even though you are well controlled (and presume you are Type 1 as well...?) I thought / had been told it was hospital policy to 'ensure' all diabetics (all types) had pre-natal counselling. Perhaps not then. Hmmm.

I'll fill you in tomorrow and hope it's quick and painless. Wish me luck!

tigger15 Tue 03-Nov-09 22:30:48

I had this with an ob consultant and a diabetic one. It was great. I got to ask about effects of hypos and hypers and differences between normal pg and diabetic one. Also I got to ask the ob cons what foods you really were allowed to eat and got full low down on wine and diet coke. Very imp when you can only maintain good control by avoiding lots of food.

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