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Late 30s - easy to conceive in early 30s, but not happening now the big 40 is on the horizon?

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floraflora Wed 21-Oct-09 20:11:27

DS was practically an accident 4 years ago when I was 34. Now I am 38 and things don't seem to be happening - just as some 'experts' warned. Back then I wanted children in a theoretical sense - some time in the future - now I really want DS not to be an only, for many, many reasons. And though he wasn't the easiest baby, he is such a joy and constant entertainment, that I'd really love another one.
Anyone else in the same boat?

flintski Wed 21-Oct-09 20:18:41

Yep - fraid so and i think you will find there are quite a few in a similar position. I had dd at 30 - 5 years on and nearly 2 year ttc #2 - I am pretty resigned to the fact that I won't have another dc. Saying that am still hopeful it might happen. How long have you been trying?

LaTruchaaaaaaaaaargh Wed 21-Oct-09 20:21:56

Yep. Took 4-5 months to conceive DD at 34. At 36 we've been at it for 9 months now. Had one very early MC, so I guess everything is working. Also, we're having a really stressful time which everyone says is terrible for TTC.

I'm trying to take it easy until we've been trying for a year and then I'll go to the docs, I think.

Really not good at taking it easy BTW. Love DD to bits and desperately want more.

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