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I think it may be just wishful thinking but........

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asteri Wed 21-Oct-09 15:13:49

My husband and I decided last month to TTC and I ovulated on Monday, but since yesterday afternoon, I have had sharp pains and occasional dull aches in my breasts and cramps (both sides), back ache and am seriously tired (though my grandma recently passed away and so the tiredness could be attributed to sorting out funeral, rallying around for the family..) My AF isnt due for another two weeks and so I know its way too early to test and I dont usually get PMS, I have taken the advice from earlier in the forum and stepped away from the first response...I have been pregnant twice before and MC'd both times, the last pregnancy I had I got very strong symptoms from just over two weeks. Is there a possibility I could be pregnant or am I just wishful thinking......hmm

lucybrad Wed 21-Oct-09 16:33:29

really hope you are asteri, but i felt exactly the same last month, but no BFP for me. Hope you are tho - let us know!

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