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Is having two HSG tests in two months a problem - medical advice please. Atilla? Anyone?

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yellowflowers Wed 21-Oct-09 11:25:19


So I am a patient at two NHS hospitals. The one my GP sent me to for infertility (call it hospital A) and another one I have been with for ten years for pcos (call it hospital B).

Hospital B at last appt agreed to take me on for fertility as well as pcos. I like this hospital - convenient, world leader etc. I asked whether I should tell Hospital A and withdraw as their patient and the consultant said keep both going until treatment is offered as you never know which will actually offer me treatment until it really is offered.

I said I felt bad taking resources from another woman who may need it (so please don't all shout at me on this one) and he said his advice is to keep going to both for the time being. Health wise for blood tests and scans this doesn't matter - I have enough blood to give! But now both want to do HSG tests.

Given all procedures have a risk and HSG not meant to be nice anyway, is is ridiculous and/or dangerous to have two, one in each hospital? And surely the hospitals could share the results if I just have it done at one?

Any thoughts or advice?

I have appt at Hospital B next week and may ask them what to do, and whether results can be shared with other hospital.


yellowflowers Wed 21-Oct-09 15:38:47


yellowflowers Mon 26-Oct-09 09:00:35

One more try - bump!

idealcamel Mon 26-Oct-09 15:39:07

Bumping for you - have no idea if multiple HSG tests would be bad for you.

Having said that, if your consultant knows about the situation, I'd follow his advice. You personally won't be taking treatment away from anyone. It might get confusing that your results are held in two different places, but I can't see that it would actively disadvantage you in any way.

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