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ttc and looking for some friends

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brownrabbit Tue 20-Oct-09 18:09:17


I've been wanting to join somewhere for a while, and this seems like a friendly place, so here goes... Been ttc for around a year and getting more and more miserable about it. All my friends are getting pregnant, and I'm finding it hard to deal with (my main method of dealing with it seems to be avoiding them, which I know isn't great...), so looking for support from people who know how I feel! Also interested in hearing from people who are a bit further on down this journey than me - I'm not sure at what stage we should be going for tests etc. Saw a doc a while ago, and she said they didn't tend to investigate for 2 years, which seems an awfully long wait...

Thank you!

Besom Tue 20-Oct-09 18:15:30

Hi brownrabbit - dd wants my attention so can't type much. Just to say hi and there is thread for people ttc at the moment called 'July Bus' - haven't got time to link to it. Will come back later bt sure you'll get some more replies as well.

lucybrad Tue 20-Oct-09 19:18:55

Hi brownrabbit.

if you pop on the july bus you can put your stats on, and then it get updated everyday. That was you can keep an eye on your cycle and find like minded ladies, who are at the same stage of the month. Its great when someone graduates (ie they have a big fat positive (bfp)

babyboom1979 Tue 20-Oct-09 20:14:19

Hi Brownrabbit,

I'm sorry to hear of your struggles -- ttc can be very difficult and emotionally tiring especially when everyone is falling pregnant left right and centre.

It took me about a year to fall and stay pregnant with two miscarriages in between. I had difficulty staying pregnant (blood clotting issues) and my husband had trouble getting me pregnant (poor sperm morphology).

We were lucky that I have private insurance that covered all our tests but I just know in my heart of hearts that had we not gone to see a doctor when we did, I would not be pregnant now.

HNS guidlines clearly state that if you are under 35, you should see a GP if you have been trying for a year (less if you are over 35). Please ignore the doctor who said to wait two years (that is completely absurd!)This may all seem like scary stuff but keep in mind that there is so much help out there for every male and female fertility problem imaginable.

This isn't to say that there is anything wrong but it's good for you and your husband to be checked out. If there is a problem, the sooner you know, the sooner you can be on your way to seeking treatment (medical or natural) and eventually having the family you so desire.

I can not tell you the number of dark moments I felt when I feared having children might not be possible. The only thing that kept me going was a very good gyne and a very supportive husband.

Please hang in there. I wish you the very best of luck.

Besom Tue 20-Oct-09 20:16:40

July Bus thread here

MyMyFruityPie Wed 21-Oct-09 08:34:26

Hi brownrabbit

I know how you feel. I had a bit of an episode earlier this month thinking that I have no unpregnant friends to moan and to do tests and get disappointed with. It feels like the world is against you and the symptom spotting can get really tiring with the highs and the lows. I was convinced that I was pregnant this month (how many times have I said that one!) but alas no. I know that the bfn is going to rear it's ugly pink single line. It is so deflating. We have been ttc for nearly a year now. I am 33 and saw my doctor back in February as my periods were all over the place. We both agreed to hold off on tests for about a month or so to see if they settled. They have sort of now but inbetween then and now my doctor referred me to a gynae (that was in August I think). My appointment was turned down and I was referred to the sub fertility clinic. I was lucky to get an appointment straight away. DH and I both went. DH was sent for a sperm test. The doctor was really good, he got me a pelvic scan appointment which I am having today and an HSG test where they will look at my fallopian tubes and see if there are any blockages. I am having that tomorrow. So you see, 2 years is WAY too long to wait. Can you change your doctor? I was very lucky that my doctor (NHS) was sympathetic even though I am under the 35 years of age mark.

Keep your chin up, I am right there with you. If ever you feel a sad cloud, you are welcome to message. I am always here with virtual chocolate! I might have a nosey on that July bus that everyone is talking about. Maybe see you on there

brownrabbit Wed 21-Oct-09 17:42:37

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'll definitely get back to the doctor and try and get some tests. I'm 32, but feeling MUCH older at the moment - sure those wrinkles weren't there when I started trying to get pregnant! Good luck with all your tests, MyMyFruityPie - I'll go and check out the July Bus too!

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