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Polyps removed, clomid prescribed, I should be happy, BUT ..... wise words and tlc needed

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jobobpip08 Mon 19-Oct-09 09:18:35

Hi all

I should be pleased things are finally moving in the right direction - right? After 16 failed cycles, then a miscarriage at 8 weeks in August, I saw the fetility consultant last month. He immediately spotted my progesterone was low from tests done at the beginning of the year by my doctor (who said they were in the normal range). He also saw I had polyps, which have now been removed along with a d&c as the lining was too thick. He has suggested clomid for my next cycle and that I should lose a bit of weight, but is quite positive that we will get a 'postive'.

I should say that 19 months ago my second son was stillborn a few days before my due date, due to a knot in the cord. Previously I had no problems getting pregnant, we have another son aged 5 and I miscarried at 12 weeks before him. I'm now 38 (and a half!).

Has anyone anyone else felt like this - I should be happy that things are moving in the right direction but right now I feel utterly miserable, my diet isn't happening and I don't know why.

I'm seeing my consultant tomorrow to get the results of the polyp removal, new day 21 test and prescription for clomid and I don't want to go in feeling like a basketcase.

I know in a way this is tied into losing my son, as we were only going to have 2 children so I would not have been getting pregnant again, but I've been dealing with my grief fairly well. Aside from that, is feeling this way normal?

Can you give any comfort, anyone? Or am I truly a basket case!!??


floweringcurrant Mon 19-Oct-09 10:55:02

Hi there,
I read your post and just wanted to say be gentle with yourself and take your time. You have been through a very tough time. Start again when you are good and ready.
Yesterday my sister told me she was pregnant - first cyle on clomid, her doctor pretty much guaranteed it!

jobobpip08 Tue 20-Oct-09 09:12:11

Thanks Floweringcurrant

I really appreciate you posting. Great news about your sister!

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