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Clearblue Fertility Monitor........very confused.

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MadScot Fri 16-Oct-09 18:46:51


Been trying to conceive first child since August. Came off the pill in July and periods became regular almost straight away. Had 3 periods since coming off pill (was on it for 13 years) Was not sure if I was reading my body right and kind of thought I was ovulating between days 10-12. UCL 28 days bang on. Started using CBFM this month, day 14 and still on low fertility. Can that be right or is something wrong with either me or the monitor sad. Now freaking out that I am not ovulating, or is it too early to stress? Have been using it exactly as instructed. Ta.

MrsHappy Fri 16-Oct-09 19:34:48

Too early to stress.
Maybe you ovulate after day 14. A 12-16 day luteal phase is average but there are no hard and fast rules (and if this average applies to you you wouldn't be ovulating between days 10 and 12).
I'm not sure how the CBFM works, but does it need a few cycles to become more accurate? If so, give it time.

barrenbrook Sat 17-Oct-09 08:47:41

Hi MadScot

I use a CBFM, am on my third cycle of using it. You need to give it one cycle to get to know your body / hormone levels etc. Have you tried dipping the stick as opposed to p'ing on it? I've read alot to suggest that this gives better results. I didn't think I would get highs or peaks on my first but I did, sit tight, it will happen eventually. It might just be that you don't ovulate some months which is normal.

I have a 28 day cycle and ovulate around days 11-13, before using it I thought it was later than this.

There's the Clearblue Fertility Support Group chat thingy (I can't think of the word) oh, thread, that's it! blush [dizzycowemoticon] if you want to obsess with the rest of us! grin

monkeybumsmum Sat 17-Oct-09 09:27:27

Hi MadScot - it could be that you have a short luteal phase and so ovulate later than you thought. I'm also using the CBFM and when my cycles are regular I seem to ovulate around CD18/19 and then get AF ten days later. Before using the monitor I was convinced that I ov'd 14 days before the start of AF, but it seems not.

Don't panic yet - definately dip the test stick rather then pee on it, as barrenbrook said (waves to barrenbrook grin), and wait to see what happens for the rest of this cycle. I happened to be seeing my fertility guy just after my first cycle using the monitor, and told him about my short luteal phase. He was very interested and said we'll keep an eye on it. It's great that you are using the monitor as if there is a problem (which hopefully there's not smile) you can go and ask some questions armed with useful information.

Do come and see us on the CBFM thread - there are some lovely ladies there and we're all going through the same thing smile

MadScot Sat 17-Oct-09 18:52:28

Thanks everyone. Got a high reading today (day 15) along with EWCM (sorry if TMI). My DH wasn't quite as excited as I was at 05.45 when I woke him up to tell him, until he realised what it meant! Was so convinced that I was ovulating earlier but would at leats be doing so by day 14 that I instantly thought, that's it, I'm broken and I can't face IVF at 29 years old!! [over reaction emotion]. Might do a bit of lurking on the other thread, thanks monkeybumsmum. I am so rubbish at keeping up with threads that I lose track if I join one blush.

Barrenbrook I might try dipping as opposed to p'ing on stick, although I am getting pretty good at that now with the light off and one eye open one eye closed with my tongue poking out (helps me concentrate).

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