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These aren't just any eggs, these are tree range eggs.

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treedelivery Fri 16-Oct-09 11:44:16

Hi. I am just at the begining of an egg donation cycle. I am donating to friends of very very good friends who have had several cycles and have reached this point.

I started a thread previously, but have started one with donation in the title, I think lots of people think about donating or recieving donor eggs, and so I thought this might be interesting.

This is the 2nd day of treatment.

I have 2 girls, 5yo and nearly 9 months. I have wound up the breastfeeding onver the last few weeks to allow the treatment to commence. It was hard juggling the needs of the baby against the needs of the couple - I think I hit a good half way house. 8 months exclusive bring is nothing to sniff at from bubba pov [though I think she would go and go an go], and 8 months wait was quite enough for this couple. In my opinion, they have been nothing but accomodating and thoughtfull and lovely and would have waited and waited. It must be so hard for them thuugh.

I kind of hope to relactate - that will be another thread! grin

So here we go, wish us luck. I'm hoping the power of mumsnet will send many positive vibes our way.

Bring on the questions btw - I'm really happy to answer and explain anything. smile

ClaireDeLoon Fri 16-Oct-09 11:46:47

Fantastic, wish you every success and sending positive vibes.

Never having been through egg collection - what is your treatment at the moment? And where are you in your cycle if you don;t mind me asking.

treedelivery Fri 16-Oct-09 11:57:01

Hi ClaireDeLoon,

The medications arrived this week. Via a cool box on wheels courier. All very imressive. Huge box containing what seemed like 100's of boxes and at least 1000 syringes and needles.

I am on day 2 of 21 days of cycle supressing. Although I am probably fairly surpressed due to the breastfeeding. That stopped a while ago though so I think my hormones were starting to kick in a bit. I had mega greasy hair this week for sure!

AM hopin ght treatment will stop further hair grease episodes! grin

Anyone who has had IVF is very welcome to ffer tips and pointers on side effects etc. Or general tips.

I feel I ought to be chanting or holidng hens eggs or something grin

Caitni Fri 16-Oct-09 12:02:38

Good luck treedelivery!

It's great what you're doing - altruistic donation is pretty low in this country but egg donation really is the only way for some couples to have their longed for child. I donated eggs as part of an IVF egg sharer cycle earlier this year. I'd had vague notions of donating altruistically for years, but we then faced unforeseen fertility issues so it's doubtful I'll have completed my family before the 35 years age limit they want. I'm glad I managed to donate some eggs (even though our recipient couple were unsuccessful sad)

The injections are pretty intimidating at first but very, very doable. I found them entirely pain free and ended up getting quite into the whole thing (my inner nurse I think grin).

I was following your other thread but think it's a good idea to make the egg donation more explicit in the title. Sending you lots of eggy vibes for those follicles to grow (when you get to that stage!).

treedelivery Fri 16-Oct-09 12:09:29

OOO thans Caitni. I guess your own egg share was succesfull for you?

Apparently in known donation the age isn't an issue so much - if the couple are happy to take your eggs then they are effectively accepting you as you are, so the guidelines do not apply. I think.

Good luck completing your family.

I am currently obsessed I will either forget, or forget I have had the stuff!

Caitni Fri 16-Oct-09 12:43:23

It did work for me (am 20 weeks now) but had really wished it had worked for recipient (on basis that I can have numerous more shots at the IVF rollercoaster).

Even in known donation I think exceptions to the 35 age limit depends on the clinic as well as the couple, on the basis that success rates start to drop after 35 so a clinic may just advise that the chances aren't high enough to go ahead.

Oh I had to set the alarm on my mobile for most of my stuff to not forget (but was obsessive anyway so would usually end up looking at my mobile just before the alarm went off blushgrin). That was mainly because during the downreg phase I was on sniffs 3 times a day at 7am/3pm/11pm so had pretty specific timings.

MRSVICTOR Fri 16-Oct-09 12:47:58

Hats off to you Tree I think what you're doing is marvellous. Positive vibes coming your way....

madcows Fri 16-Oct-09 12:56:57

Great to hear of another egg donor! I did this 2 yrs ago for my sister, and am now a very proud aunt. It is a great thing to do... and I just wish it was more widely known and discussed. I was 38 when I did it (known donor, obviously) and - as someone said - they accept the risks etc.
If you are interested - and its helpful - I wrote an online diary (partly because I could find so little on the web from the donor perspective). You can find it by searching for c l u c k c l u c k on the fertility friends website. They have a forum for donors, which you might find useful (if you aren't using it already).
I found the whole treatment remarkably straightforward, few side effects etc. Hardest parts were giving up b'feeding, a wobbly day or 2 when I was sniffing, and the practicalities of organising treatment (my sister lives the other side of the world, literally!). Then the first round didn't work, which was pretty awful. But all turned out okay with my v beautiful niece.
Good luck with it.

VeryHungryLennipillar Fri 16-Oct-09 19:52:47


muffins Fri 16-Oct-09 21:45:51

Hi treedelivery,

Best of luck for your treatment. Like madcows I was also an egg donor and found the drugs manageable. I also set my alarm for injections. The 'tick' list the clinic gives you helps as well.
The only advice I would give would be to try and have sedation not GA for egg collection. I had sedation first time and just felt like I'd had a snooze for a bit. When I had the GA the second time I came round feeling like I'd been beaten up and was in a lot of pain. I don't want to seem like I'm trying to frighten you and this certainly isn't what everyone finds but thought I'd share my experience.I did recover fine from the GA after about three days and it wouldn't put me off doing it again so it can't have been that bad smile

Hope you grow lots of big juicy follies

Muffins x x x

treedelivery Fri 16-Oct-09 23:56:36

Hello everyone.

Really good to hear from other donors! The online diary is something I will certainly look at. I did read one blog of an unknown donor too, which was helpfull. You had to give up feeding too madcows, it's nice to hear someone else had to strile that balance too.

muffins - interesting wht you say about the analgesia for collection. I am really freaked by the idea of sedation, what if I mumble all types of crazy stuff. Have too many control issues grin I think I will have to go under you know, though the GA is essentially harder to get over and more dangerous...crazy but there you go. I'll see nearer time. I was wondering if gas and air would do...hmm

I only have injections - no snorting. Nice! I dunno which is worse really, they both suck [one literally]
Have itchy injection sites [came up in mini hives today] so will move to thigh tomorrow. Hope that wears off.

Keep having panic attacks I have started on the wrong drug or something. Have read protocol about 100 times.

paddington21 Sat 17-Oct-09 11:12:20

hi tree delivery.
wow! You are doing a wonderful thing grin Egg donors and egg donation is all kept too much at the back of the cupboard. I hope this thread and online account will open people's eyes.

All the best dont panic about the injections all will fall into place.

Hope you grow lots of lovely ones!


treedelivery Sat 17-Oct-09 14:03:41

Thanks paddington21. smile

2 bruises form eash site - wtf? One from the prick, and one a few cms north presumably from where the medication deposited. Haven't had todays yet.

Feel like complete pants today. AM def hormonal - although I think my cycle as I think my body was just noticing the lack of bfing. Am rather hoping cycle supression beats pmt. 3 weeks more grace sounds good to me.

DH is being absolutley hopeless I have to say. He hasn't even asked about how the injections were or anything. I feel 100% he is behind me, as he went through the councilling too. Good job or this could make me paranoid!

Men have no idea how their itsy bitsy airhead behaviour can send out really bad messages do they? Grrrr.

<<hormones with spikes on>>

Ohwhatacrapmasfear Sat 17-Oct-09 14:21:15

Hi Treedelivery,

What an wonderful and extraordinary thing to be doing!

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant through our first IVF cycle and had all injections and no sniffing! From a practical pov I used to inject into my tummy and found the best technique was to pinch a bit of tummy and then jab the needle in very quickly, then let the tummy go and inject quite slowly. I only had three bruises during the whole of the treatment.

On an emotional level, I would allow yourself to try and rest as much as possible, I found that the mood swings could get quite intense and I also felt pretty under the weather. However if I let my self relax and get some sleep, I felt better for it. Easier for me to say as I didn't have two little ones to look after, only a DP grin.

Also, when you do your trigger shot, make sure you know exactly how to do it before hand. I know that I was so nervous, coupled with the fact that I had to do it 2 in the morning, I really didn't want to be confused about which vials to pour into which!

I wish all the luck in the world (and plenty of eggs!) {hsmile}

treedelivery Sat 17-Oct-09 19:06:28

No hives today - yay!

A white raised area but soon went. Doesn't look like it will bruise so much either.

This down-regulating is going to really drag along isn't it? It stretches out in front of me in a biiiig way.

VerySpookyLennipillar Sun 18-Oct-09 21:50:09

How long to you have to supress your cycle for Tree?

Hope you are doing okay today.

Gumps Mon 19-Oct-09 20:04:29

Hey Tree just on to offer support and to bookmark as want to follow the story.
best of luck with it all.

EdgarAllenPoo Mon 19-Oct-09 20:59:15

second lennis question - how long from start of course to donation?

and what specific condition makes egg donation the right road (i mean, is it enough for them just ot to have conceived, or do there have to be chromosomal abnormalities, or is a judgement all based on many factors....what am i not considering?)

i am TTC# 3 atm but could still be in your shoes next year...for a relative. She needs time to really give up trying first though.

hope you are feeling ok - what sort of affect do the hormones have on your mood?

and wht is the likely %age success from the clinic?

lots of questions smile

think this is very interesting, and a very good thing to do for another woman.

treedelivery Tue 20-Oct-09 21:12:00

Hi all. Thank you for the words of support smile

Surpression phase is 21 days. No side effects at all really, although only 5 days into it. Apart form bruises on my fat belly that is grin

Edgar <<wracks brains as to who you were>> <<thinks knows...isn't sure>>

I think most cases will be to do with poor egg production despite the treatments, also premature menopause, removed ovaries/ovaries affected by treatments and so on. Having a genetic chromosomal must also be one of the reasons. I think the stats are about 30% for live births from donor egss [about 38% pregnancy rate]. I try not to dwell on the stats to be honest. Oh God let it work!!!!!!!

I realise the traditional way of doing busines is thought to have similar success rate, but you get to try as often as you like and it doesn't cost you the price of a car each time sad I am so blessed, both my children were one shot wonders!! Am hoping to spread the fertile vibe wink

Still ploddong on with the injections. This bit is dull. There seems so many syringes to use up before we get any idea if it's going to plan.

VerySpookyLennipillar Tue 20-Oct-09 21:43:50

What happens after day 21 Tree? Why do you have to supress?

treedelivery Tue 20-Oct-09 22:03:57

After day 21, we go into stimulation phase with gonadotrophins. That is 6-8 days.

I think the idea of down regulation is to ensure you start from zero, and so the medication hormones have total control. If our own cycles are totally damped down, they can dictate how and when folicles are generated and ensure the process is predictable. They don't want me firing off 10 eggs at some random point in the process.

ABout 6 days on the stimulation phase [when praying starts], and then once they are cooked and ready to hatch, HCG is given. 36 hours later they are recovered [where I want to say harvested but realise that might be in bad taste grin]

treedelivery Wed 21-Oct-09 20:30:07

Okaaaaaay we have symptoms.

Milk is ever deceasing, boobs look like dd's party balloons from a fortnight ago.

And I am in a bad mood. Those black moods where you feel rally cross. angry but with this --> po face envy

VerySpookyLennipillar Wed 21-Oct-09 20:58:21

I would have thought there would be a fair chance you will still be producing milk by the end of the treatment - 9 months of breastfeeding after all. I never fed DD and still had occasional drops of milk after a couple of months.

Sorry to hear about the bad mood. You are a brave lady, it must be hard to cope with hormones with little sleep.

How are the injections going? Still bruising?

treedelivery Wed 21-Oct-09 21:11:23

Still bruising, not as deeply now though. Must be getting slicker.

I have learnt that injections+stretchmarks=itch.

EdgarAllenPoo Wed 21-Oct-09 21:57:32

i was opinionated...(still am, though not in name)

>throws you witch- decorated bubble wrap to destroy to alleviate your bad mood<

1/3 is better than no chance at all...and some reciptients have a better chance depending..though is that over three cycles? that would be pretty good for single-cycle.

understand you being a bit sad about milk...

are you allowed booze? or is that likely to prejudice the treatment?

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