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Graph of hormone levels in early pregnancy - link to one please?

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InTheZenGarden Thu 15-Oct-09 11:20:12


I've seen the graph showing LH, progesterone and oestrogen during a "normal cycle", but am trying to find one showing oestrogen, progesterone and hcg in early pregnancy.

All because 4dpo I got really bad heartburn, still have it 8dpo, and am wondering if there is any any chance I could be pregnant grin Shameless sympotom spotting, I know blush

I got really bad heartburn when pg with DD, but not til 12 weeks or so, and it seems to ba caused by progesterone levels, so I'm wondering if there is a progesterone surge early on, and that is giving me heartburn?

I know, grasping at straws, but can't test til the weekend and am too impatient!

Many thanks

lucybrad Thu 15-Oct-09 16:23:21

ohh maybe its twins .... or triplets! thus the early symptoms. Sorry no help with the graph, have you googled it?

ps i had twins, and after an early scare (when we thoughtthere was just one) they did the test for HCG and then when they did another one they phoned and said ' yes the level is definatley going up - quite a bit actually'. I should have known then that it was two!lol!

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