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chico193 Sun 11-Oct-09 13:22:24

So I know that around OV CM should appear like an egg white, probably being really ignorant but what exactly does that mean?
I tend to notice that around the right time in the cycle for OV I will get one or two days where I have thicker, white blobs of CM. Then it returns to usual thin white film (sorry if TMI wink).

Is this what EWCM looks like or am I misreading?

DuelingFANGo Sun 11-Oct-09 13:25:37

this is what you should be looking for.

differentnameforthis Sun 11-Oct-09 13:29:30

If your CM find is very wet, stretches between your fingers for an inch or more, and resembles raw egg white, your cervical mucus is very fertile. Now is the ideal time for sex!

chico193 Sun 11-Oct-09 13:32:14

Thanks, that's really helpful.
OK next question - what does my slightly thicker and creamier CM mean?
I do seem to have that very wet and white stuff today but last week had the thicker stuff and seem to get that on one or two days every month.

differentnameforthis Sun 11-Oct-09 13:35:43

Throughout your cycle you get varying consistencies of cm, all of which are normal.

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the other stuff. You are looking for fertile cm, which is described below, so concentrate on that for now.

DuelingFANGo Sun 11-Oct-09 13:37:32

You also might not be ovulating at the 'tight time' as there isn't always a right time. You might have read that women ovulate on day 14 but it could be that you are ovulating earlier or later. How long is your cycle?

chico193 Sun 11-Oct-09 13:42:19

On average 36 days. I definitely do not OV on day 14, usually around day 22 then have a 14 day luteal phase. Can be a lot longer though but think I OV later in those months. Usually have a longer cycle when stressed.
Think I have the right kind today and dtd yesterday and today so fingers crossed...

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