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Newbie so no real right to be crazily symptom spotting, but there you are ...

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ThisIsBloodyHardWork Wed 07-Oct-09 13:06:39


I'm really posting as I think I need a good kick up the bum, to be frank! Have been TTC no. 2 for 2 months. No 1 we produced without actually trying at all (I mean, we did the deed and stuff, but I wasn't paying any attention to cycle or EWCM or anything) so we were astonished but foolishly assumed it would be pretty easy to do it on purpose the second time. Which may well be the case, given that we've only been trying 2 months!

This is the 3rd month and the first time I've been a bit surer of my ovulation time - think we timed it OK and now (about 4-6 DPO) having sort of achey pains in lower abdomen, as well as slight tenderness of nipples. Am I going mad or could this be it? Or do I need to get a grip of myself and think about something else for a week or so ... someone help me calm down ...

ElusiveMoose Wed 07-Oct-09 13:18:51

'Fraid it might be 'it' and it might not be - just have to wait and see. TTC, dontcha just hate it grin? (Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound unsympathetic at all - but it's funny, I'm in the middle of AF at the moment so can stand back and smile at the crazy symptom-spotting, whereas during my 2WW I'm exactly the same as you!) Seriously, though, the best sign is probably if the symptoms are unusual for you, and if they are then you've got a good chance. Though if you haven't been watching your cycle for long then you may not really know what's normal for you yet. Are you temping? When I was pg with DS I had a massive jump in temps about 5DPO which, with hindsight, was a big sign that I'd conceived.

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Wed 07-Oct-09 13:29:36

Thanks for the common sense! You're right, I haven't been watching long so it could easily be something that happens all the time. Sigh!
I'm not temping because as I understand it, you have to temp first thing in the morning when you've been asleep at least 3 hours, is that right? And I'm a really awful sleeper and get up to go to the loo, change positions, get a drink of water etc all through the night. Don't tend to sleep as much as three hours in a row at all, so I assumed it wouldn't work for me. It's a pain as it seems that's the best way to check about ovulation, I've been going on EWCM which I had loads of over a few days, so couldn't pinpoint an actual definite day. It's a pretty weird world to be in, isn't it - EWCM, oo-are-my-nipples-swollen, etc. Bizarre!

Lifeistooshort Wed 07-Oct-09 13:36:56

I would think swollen nipples is encouragind

ElusiveMoose Wed 07-Oct-09 13:49:37

Hmm, yes, sounds like temping might not work for you. Have you tried ovulation predictor kits? They don't work for everyone, and they don't tell you that you definitely have ovulated, but they at least give you a pretty good idea that you're about to. The downside is they're quite expensive, but you could just use them for a couple of months to help you build up a better picture of your cycle. Though, as Lifeistooshort says, there's a good chance that you're already up the duff, so with a bit of luck you won't get to try them smile.

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Wed 07-Oct-09 13:53:30

I have an OPK - cost a fortune so very angry that I had blank circle after blank circle, even when the EWCM was saying different. I guess it is perfectly possible I haven't ovulated at all, but what happens to the EWCM if you don't ovulate, I would have thought you wouldn't get any? Again, OPKs not great for me - am I the only person in the world who wees more often than every 4 hours?! but if I'm not lucky this time round, I will give it another go. MUST. GET. A. GRIP. for now tho!

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