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Introducing myself

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givecarrotsachance Mon 05-Oct-09 21:53:35

Hi all,

I've been in and out here today but thought I should say hi properly as there seems to be a lot of regulars!

I am mid 30s and have a gorgeous little boy who is 5. Very happily married although divorced from DS's father who is the traditional ex-idiot-type sigh.

My DH has no kids but really wants them so we decided to get on with it. I just had my Mirena taken out last Tuesday and am hoping to get my cycles going asap. I am very into CF (prefer F to M!), temps etc rather than OV predictors and it worked well for DS, and I was very much into what my body was doing which was great.

I'm feeling rather sensitive about the idea of going for DC2, somehow feeling it's not going to work and I would be devastated if it didn't - yet already having a DC makes me feel guilty about this when people are struggling here to catch their first.

Hoping to get some fun and friendship on MN. It's been a long time since I was regularly here (5 years or so) and have been really grateful to already have had lots of welcomes - thank you.

I would love to get some background on some of you on here if you don't mind, so I know who I'm talking to!

Thanks xxx Carrots.

Muser Mon 05-Oct-09 22:02:43

Hi Carrots!

I'm about to start trying for our first, we're holding off until November for reasons I've forgotten. I just want to start right now! Well, not right now as AF is visiting so that would be a waste of time. But, y'know...

Anyway. I had a regular coil and had it taken out last week so when November comes (or sooner if my nephews suitably charm my husband next week) we can get going.

Bit nervous about whether it'll work or not and if I'll break the baby, but also very excited. Good luck with your trying, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

givecarrotsachance Mon 05-Oct-09 22:11:05

Hi Muser,

LOL @ break the baby. I dropped mine (on the floor and into the bath - several times), tipped him off a changing table etc etc. Turns out they are really tough!!

Well you had yours out the same as mine then. It would be nice if we caught at the same time smile

Thanks for the message, and the support. It really helps.

Carrots xxx

givecarrotsachance Tue 06-Oct-09 11:12:06

Hi there,

Anyone else around to say hi? I'd love to get to know you all a bit better :-)


Vikks Tue 06-Oct-09 11:30:46

Hi Carrots,
Welcome to mad world of TTC again. Good luckgrin x

fruitspooksbatsintheeaves Tue 06-Oct-09 11:35:56

pssst muser
am gatecrashing as I'm not trying to conceive at all but just had to say, I conceived 3 times in November and let me tell you, your child will megally complain about being an August born child when they get to about 12!

sorry to but in,

as you were

am going now

oh and hello carrots

givecarrotsachance Tue 06-Oct-09 12:21:24

Hi Vikks smile

Fruit, what's wrong with August bds?

Vikks Tue 06-Oct-09 13:04:39

After 2 and a half years TTC #1 I'll take any month! smile

barrenbrook Tue 06-Oct-09 13:53:19

Hi carrots, I echo what Vikks said, welcome back to TTC.

I'm TTC#1 and have been for a year now, have had one m/c in Jan this year. Currently using a Clearblue Fertility Monitor and am on Cycle 3 with it.

All the best with it all smile

mndeno Tue 06-Oct-09 14:02:38

Hi there

I'm new here too, today is my very first visit. Would love to get involved in the chat etc. I'm 38, married with 7yr old son and am desperately ttc again after 3 miscarriages and 18mths of trying. 3rd month of Clomid and fed up with hospital whose only consistancy is ignoring my file or filing it away when I am due follow up appts. Also, am clueless on the abbreviations used. Is there somewhere I can learn it from?

Look forward to more chat soon

mndeno x

theperfectbaguette Tue 06-Oct-09 14:14:23

Hi carrots and Mndeno,

Carrots well done for starting a new thread I've been lurking for a week or so now - my god MN is terrifyingly addictive - waiting for an unintimidating thread to join.

I'm in my mid thirties too, and have been broody for bout as long as I can remember. Spent most of my twenties with bloke who was hugely ambitious and who wanted kids - "just not right now". Left him after 8 years, (he of course now has 2 kids to my big fat 0 - bitter moi?) And now am finally with a great guy who - after 4 years - is ready to give it a go.

I'm only on month 2 and last month got into pissing on a stick, but just bought myself a thermometer and going to try that and checking CF too this month - though not entirely sure that I can tell the difference between wet, sticky and egg white....Anyway carrots I hope your cycles kick in soon, and that you start feeling more confident about the whole thing. Mndeno really sorry to hear about you mc's, I cant imagine how painful that must be.

Good luck to everyone...

PS There's the acronynm tab at the top which seems to explain some - though not all of the abreviations

mndeno Tue 06-Oct-09 14:54:23

Ha ha thanks for that re acronymn tab! I obviously can't see very well or need to spend a bit more time exploring properly. theperfectbaguette - What does CF mean in your message? The list says "cystic fibrosis" but that doesn't make any sense to me.

Have just had phonecall from my consultant re follow ups and he said I should be having 21 day blood tests!! Only missed two of them then angry! Have to go to docs for that and may have to up my dosage dep on results.

I've never really done the thermometer thing but did do the stick thing once but is so expensive don't think I can afford that every month. Plus found that husb doesn't respond very well to the pressure of it! Did everything he could to avoid me for a while but we're back on track now fortunately cos I can't do it on my own!! I don't have much consistancy with my cycles either so get a bit bogged down with confusion.

Hope we all have some good news in the not too distant future

mndeno x

givecarrotsachance Tue 06-Oct-09 15:38:58

Hi Barren, Mndeno, Baguette and thanks for replying! I'm enjoying getting to know people and yes it's addictive! Should be working blush

Mndeno, CF means cervical fluid. You will be more likely to see CM which means cervical mucous but let's face it, that's not nice, so I always prefer CF. I learnt about it all in "Taking Control of Your Fertility" which is a whopping great book I once threatened my DH with buying two of as a brick substitute should we ever decide no more TTC but I was only joking grin. It is huge though! But it's great for explaining how it all works, how to test for ovulation and so on, and no P on S involved (or cost of them either). Apparently they're none too reliable anyway.

givecarrotsachance Tue 06-Oct-09 15:40:29

LOLOL I am SO going to get into trouble for promoting that book. I must have mentioned it 5 times since I started on here just yesterday. BUT I PROMISE I've nothing to do with it other than being a big fan!!!

Muser Tue 06-Oct-09 19:57:56

Does CF/M mean you're fertile? I seem to produce tons of the stuff (TMI). I was hoping it might be a good sign.

givecarrotsachance Tue 06-Oct-09 20:28:14

Muser, absolutely. It appears around your fertile period and helps those little swimmers to get on up there grin

The really fertile stuff is sort of stringy. OK you started the TMI so here goes. If you put your finger inside then (take it out and!) press it against your thumb, then pull your fingers apart and see if its stringy. I know, I know... but if it is really stringy, like inches before breaking, it's a good indication of your fertile period.

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