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How do you know when CD1 is after a mc?

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Kaylo Mon 05-Oct-09 20:30:45

As the title says really,

I've heard that you count it from when you start bleeding.

I've heard its from when you stop bleeding.

Then I heard it's from when mc confirmed


I'm so confused.

My mc was fairly textbook, if there is such a thing. I started bleeding on Monday 21st Sept, it carried on getting lighter throughout the week then a scan on Friday 25th Sept detected no pregnancy.

Please help!

sayanything Mon 05-Oct-09 20:49:19

I'm really sorry to hear about your MC Kaylo

When I had my MC, I was told to start counting from the first day of bleeding.


Kaylo Mon 05-Oct-09 21:13:36

Thank you sayanything

That would mean I'm now on cd14 :0

Back soon - dh is on duty wink

DawnAS Mon 05-Oct-09 21:28:35

Sometimes the dates can be confusing. After my MC, we just started BDing when the bleeding stopped and did it every 3 days until I got my next AF. I conceived 6 weeks after my MC, so it can happen quickly. Our DD is now 17 weeks old (first baby).

Really sorry to hear about your MC sad, but if you got PG before, you can definitely do it again. Good luck honey.


Kaylo Mon 05-Oct-09 21:40:34

DawnAS Thank you and congratulation
I bet that 17weeks has gone so quick!!

We're ok in the bedroom dept, usually have a go every or every other night. Depends on moods and our dd and ds.

For example DS is ill with a tummy bug so he's projectile vomiting all over and we're trying to dodge that/cuddle him/ avoid it hitting the very expensive, very new carpet we've had fitted. Had to buy some cheapy shower curtains to cover the floor blush I'm a bit clean, and a bit OCD about it too blush

I'm sorry that so many people have had or are going through mc's. They're horrible aren't they?

Just gotta get up and carry on.


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