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So......does this mean I ovulated or not??

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ElusiveMoose Mon 05-Oct-09 13:58:16

Just got the results of a Day 21 progesterone test (actually I did it on about Day 24, because I ovulate late). The result was 24.3, which my GP said was 'a bit low'. Before that I was fairly convinced that I ovulate, as I have positive OPK results followed by a temperature rise. But I do have a very short (7-8 day) luteal phase. So, my theory is that I am ovulating but for some reason my progesterone levels aren't that high after ovulation (and drop quite quickly). Does this make sense??

thedollshouse Mon 05-Oct-09 14:02:30

I thought that 24 was a good result. My result was 1.4 but I still managed to conceive a few months later.

I think they need to do the test every month and then analyse the results as we can all have months when we don't ovualate.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 05-Oct-09 14:24:15


A result of 24 would be taken to mean that ovulation that month did not occur (they like to see a level of 30 or above). Signs like OPK's and the like can be misleading (it is possible to get a temp rise in the second half of the cycle when an egg has not been shed) so would not completely rely on these. OPK's as well are not without their difficulties.

Your LH and FSH levels should also be compared against each other; this blood test is done around day 2 of the cycle.

I guess your GP has not really commented on a possible luteal phase defect. It is a controversial area; some gynaes definately think its a problem whilst others do not.

Are you going to be referred to a gynae, what does the GP want to do next?. I'd be looking to get a referral.

ElusiveMoose Mon 05-Oct-09 14:34:18

Thanks for your replies. GP wants to repeat the Day 21 test next month, to check that it wasn't a blip. I asked him what the options were if it was still low, and he said that it would be better to refer me to a specialist, which I thought was encouraging (esp. given that we've only been trying for 5 months). I know the tests/temp rise don't guarantee ovulation, it's just that I have such a classic pre/post-ovulation temp/CM pattern every month, that it somehow seems hard to believe that I don't ovulate (though I know you're right really, and I might not). Plus I already have one DC, conceived very easily, so at least I know my body is (or at least used to be!) capable of it, which is encouraging. It's frustrating to have to wait another month, but at least my cycles are only about 27 days long, so at least it's not too long to wait!!

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