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For the mothers to have 2 girls and then went onto having a boy as their 3rd child...

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Sunshining Mon 05-Oct-09 13:24:59

what different did you do? as i would love to have another child preferably a boy (but otherwise another girl would be great too).


Sunshining Mon 05-Oct-09 13:27:32

what different did you do to get a boy

claricebean Mon 05-Oct-09 13:36:39

Nothing. He just turned out to be a boy smile

ATortoiseisBetterThanABlackCat Mon 05-Oct-09 13:40:13

Other way round for me (2 DS's 1st)but i got myself a new man lol! (Turned out to be an abusive twat though, so not the best option!!)

Sunshining Mon 05-Oct-09 15:04:43

sorry to hear about that Tortoise

Janus Mon 05-Oct-09 16:20:41

sunshining, I had 2 girls and we tried for 3rd which, unfortunately, turned out to be a miscarriage. We weren't trying for any particular sex but the miscarriage really made me appreciate just falling pregnant (especially as it took 2 long years to finally fall pregnant!) It was a girl and we all love her dearly. Do you know that once you have 2 of the same sex it is (approx) 80% likely that the 3rd will be the same sex too? Think it's worth bearing in mind so you don't get too disapointed!

wheredidiputit Mon 05-Oct-09 17:32:55

Didn't ttc just fell pg by accident blush.

Sunshining Mon 05-Oct-09 18:53:06

yes i have heard something like that before janus.

Chalkpink Mon 05-Oct-09 19:58:19

Had 2 dds then a ds. Did nothing different, he was just a lovely surprise. Now pregnant with dc4. Again did nothing different, and it turns out this will be DD3!

chochappy Mon 05-Oct-09 21:23:25

I've 2dds then ds arrived, total shock as dh was convinced he was going to have to leave home 1 week of the month to avoid the hormonal woman in his life!

chochappy Mon 05-Oct-09 21:23:56

women not woman!

itsbeingsofearful Mon 05-Oct-09 21:32:09

DH and I had the same conversation Chochappy!

But no, nothing different, as far as I can recall, although being a bloke DS only decided to turn up, after we'd given up and decided to plan the rest of our lives around two schoolage girls!

Sunshining Mon 05-Oct-09 22:09:55

grin chochappy...i can imagine that's how my dp feels at times!

GhostWriter Mon 05-Oct-09 22:15:29

That's a myth about you being more likely to have the same gender with a 3rd.

See here.


"Although we often hear the "statistic" that you are 30% or even 70% more likely to keep having the same gender, this is just an old wives tale. It is NOT a fact. The truth is, your odds stay pretty close to 50% for each child and only vary slightly. If you have had 2 or 3 boys, you are only about 2% to 6% more likely to have another boy. If you have had girls, you are slightly more likely to have a boy next"

Rox73 Tue 06-Oct-09 09:56:29

Hi, I have 2 DDs and have been TTC #3 for the past 2.5 months. This will be our 3rd try. I've started using the CBFM, has anyone here used it? I'm hoping it'll help me work out when I'm ovulating, I thought I was regular then this previous month I went from a 34 day cycle to 29 days so last month I was a total mis-fire. A bit frustrating.

Did anyone find the 3rd time round took a bit longer? Maybe I'm just impatient? I'm just aware of the fact that now that I'm 36, it might not be straight forward.

Thanks for that website. It was really useful, I'll hide this bit from my DH though "The odds of having a boy seem to increase after having girls, except after 2 girls, when a 3rd girl is more likely." . ;)

GhostWriter Tue 06-Oct-09 11:15:28

It's only a couple of percent more likely!

I hear mixed things about the CBFM. Have you read the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility? I think knowing your body and the signs of ovulation are much better than an unreliable machine.

Rox73 Tue 06-Oct-09 11:27:49

I haven't read the book yet. I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

Rox73 Tue 06-Oct-09 11:35:53

Ghostwriter: where do you buy this book? I went on Amazon and the only sellers are in the US?

GhostWriter Tue 06-Oct-09 11:43:20

Try your local library, they usually have it.

Otherwise, the website is the best way of finding books. It searches 104 online shops for you in one go and sorts results into cheapest first (including p+p). Can you tell I'm a librarian yet?

It'll cost around £12-£15 for a second hand copy of it online.

Mooncupflowethover Wed 07-Oct-09 21:26:49

There are usually a few copies on ebay (that's where I got mine smile

frazzledoldbag Wed 07-Oct-09 21:44:51

I've got 2 girls (8 and 3) and a 4 month old baby boy. Did nothing different - just had lots of sex for 2 weeks (we were on holiday!)......fully expected another girl to be honest so the little man was a total surprise (but a good one - he's luvverly). Good luck.

iliketosleep Mon 12-Oct-09 15:19:49

I had 2dds a ds then another dd, didnt do anything different.....for the whole 10 years actually *sigh* lol :D

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