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Crazy symptom spotting - any thoughts on this one, ladies?

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ElusiveMoose Fri 02-Oct-09 18:19:38

Currently 6DPO with normal luteal phase of 8 days. I've had a nasty cold over the last few days and I've got a really bad cough. Today, every time I cough I get a sharp pain on the lower right hand side of my stomach (just where I always get ovulation pain). When I'm not coughing, I can't feel anything there at all. So........ any thoughts??

PandaEis Sat 03-Oct-09 01:56:39

TBH you have probably pulled a muscle when you have been coughing. i had a bad cough/cold combo a few weeks ago and ended up with pains quite low down due to clenching to try and avoid the cough/wee scenarioblush it is the same sometimes when i sneeze too so i would be tempted not to count it as a 'symptom' of anything...sorryblush i am a mad symptom spotter myself and have been TTC for the long haul so i get where you are coming from...seriouslyhmm
xx ei xx

Thisistheone Tue 06-Oct-09 12:15:48

Hello Elusive Just thought I would shuve in my half pence. I used to get exactly the same pain when I was preg last time, though I only really clocked it when I knew I was. Do you think you may have ovulated twice in 1 month, can happen. Good Luck.

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