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TTC in your later 30s with fertility problems?

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KRabbit Thu 01-Oct-09 14:31:34

Anyone else going through this? I'm 37 (will be 38 in December), hubby and I are TTC #2 and have been for well over 18 months now. We have a DS who's nearly 3 and was naturally conceived although it took a long time. . .

DH is 27 and has a low sperm count/motility (14 million/ml with a motility of 45%, although has been lower than this) which seems to be our main problem although I guess my age isn't helping either. DS's problems stem from a undescended testicle - it was operated on when he was a toddler but it still seems to have affected his fertility.

I don't really know what to do now, as we just can't afford to finance private IVF these days (credit crunch hit us hard) and our PCT won't fund you if you already have a child. The most we could afford to fund privately is IUI and given my age and DH's sperm count that seems a bit pointless, even though our Consultant said it would be worth a few tries . . .

Anyone got any positive stories? I feel so hopeless and like I'm deluding myself, and am also struggling with all the fertile 20 somethings I know whose children are my son's age and who are already pregnant or have had number 2 or 3.

undercovercarrot Fri 02-Oct-09 14:08:46

Sorry - no real advice but thought I'd bump for you as Im sure there will be someone out there who has some words of wisdom..

idealcamel Fri 02-Oct-09 14:26:02

I can't help - but I'm sure people on this thread can:

If you want to be cheered up (and don't mind some sweariness) the thirties lot are all assembled here

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