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periods after miscarriage

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roundabout1 Thu 01-Oct-09 13:26:00

I had an early miscarriage just over 4 weeks ago, for the past week I've felt as if I was getting my period but no bledding. I'm feeling rotten today, really feel as if I have got af but nothing's coming out - sorry if tmi! How long does it take for your period to come back after a mc?

Ladyemmalou83 Thu 01-Oct-09 22:25:46

Sorry to hear about your M/C. I have suffered 2 early M/C, 1 after the other. I dont know what the actual answer is, but after the 1st M/C I caught again straight away. Im now waiting for my AF to arrive after the 2nd. My body seems to be returning to normal, slowly but surely.

I hope your ok, and that AF comes soon x

Hinagiku Fri 02-Oct-09 14:17:44

It took ages for my period to return after missed m/c at about 7 weeks. I think it took 10 weeks to come after all that. Drove me crazy and I really worried. But then I was fine and regular and got pg again (all fine) within a few months.

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