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Hhheyyaa newbie, got a question 4 ya?

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Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 09:51:22

Well hello! My name is kathleen but you can call me kat,
Ive done two clearblue Plus pregnancy tests, i did one yesterday with 2nd morning urine, and i did one this morning with first morning urine... Now on both tests i have gotten a line (first time it was half a line, so i was told to do another because clearblue Plus are prone to be fault!) But this time, there IS a line.

Only thing im totally unsure if it came up within my time limit or if its an evap line...

todays line is stronger than yesterdays, but what am i supposed to think!

thankies xxx

WickedWitchSouthWest Tue 29-Sep-09 09:57:15


There's a saying round here: A line is a line!

I'd confirm it with another test, just an own brand should do it, if you're not sure about the time limit but then I'm a testing addict

Good luck!

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 10:00:03

ditto! my boyfriend is always saying 'oh my god how many times do you pee on a stick a day kat, seriously?!'

i actually have two own brands coming in and some first response digital from the internet in a few days.

WickedWitchSouthWest Tue 29-Sep-09 10:02:18

wow if you can hold off testing a few days then you are a stronger woman than me!! I bought some cheapie sticks off the interenet - pack of 20 in fact, so I can poas as much as I like! One of these days there will be a sodding line grin

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 10:12:46

hahaha i actually did that, and i didnt mean in a few days cause my shopping is gonna be delivered before 11, now.....any ideas how to hold this pee in??? it says on the test 'can be taken any time during the day' but i dont always believe it haha!

ohhhh, by the way!!! Just a lil info about those cheapies :- ive been told they dont show a strong line until Period is due, so you're gonna be squinting at a tiny lil line until your period is around the corner!

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 10:32:26

omg faulty test, arrrghh!!

WickedWitchSouthWest Tue 29-Sep-09 10:51:42

argh! you are not having much luck!!

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 11:00:00

you're telling me!? i left my boyfriends debit card at asda yesterday, just realised now, gave them a call. Im NOT allowed to claim the card!!!! I HAVE NO money at all and our son needs medicine, im absolutly fuming. They said HE needs to claim it with a form of ID

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 11:00:29

hes at university full time!

WickedWitchSouthWest Tue 29-Sep-09 11:04:01

fgs that's a nightmare! have you got any family/friends near who can lend you some money? When will your boyfriend be back? Actually, you could get him to call the bank and see if they can give you authority on the account to claim it....

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 11:26:48

my dad said he'll buy it. and theres no way i can get authority on the card cause his name is on it.. we'd have to open a whole new bank account. Worst of all BFN! maybe because the first test was faulty and my wee was too diluted for the 2nd one...GRRR! both tests used..dont have anymore, waiting patiently...

WickedWitchSouthWest Tue 29-Sep-09 11:29:19

lol! it's not going well is it?! Thank god for dads eh?

Good luck x

Mzkittie Tue 29-Sep-09 22:22:42

Ahh thankyou, im gonna wait for my first response tests to come through the post and take one of those. :0

WickedWitchSouthWest Tue 29-Sep-09 22:28:38

ooo do let post the result, Kat! fingers (but not legs) crossed for you grin

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